The highly anticipated DCEU movie The Flash recently made its way into theaters. The standalone film of Ezra Miller takes us on a solo journey with the Scarlet Speedster. The film created quite a buzz before its release bringing back various past characters from the universe. The Flash‘s Flashpoint-inspired plot revolves around Barry Allen using the Speed Force to attempt to stop his mother from getting killed but accidentally changes history in the process.

 Ezra Miller's The Flash: Some of the Big Cameos Are Making Fans Very
Ezra Miller in The Flash

However, with all the attention the superhero film garnered, the box office tells a different story. After the release of Miller’s The Flash, it has received mixed reviews from fans, worrying the makers. The movie was supposed to perform brilliantly but failed to impress much. As per behind-the-scenes pictures, The Flash had plans to bring back two dead superheroes, but their part was cut at the end. 

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The Flash movie brought back two dead superheroes 

The Flash' review: Ezra Miller! Michael Keaton!
A still from the film The Flash

The Flash is one of the most talked about movies in the industry. The film starring Ezra Miller paved its way into theaters and is performing less than what was anticipated. Andy Muschietti’s The Flash story centers on Barry Allen’s quest to avert his mother’s death and, in doing so, unleash the DC Multiverse. The film garnered enough attention due to its storyline based on The Flashpoint. The film brought back many characters to DCEU for its multiverse storyline.

However, Muschietti made some end-moment changes to the film by cutting out the part of two dead superheroes they had brought back for the film. As reported before, The Flash featured Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne and Sasha Calle’s Kara Zor-El.

The pictures from the set told the same story. Despite their deaths earlier in the plot, the two superheroes were initially intended to appear during the movie’s closing scene in front of the Central City Courthouse. Naturally, Keaton and Calle’s characters lost the battle and died, making it clear that their scene was later cut off during the reshoots.

The Flash featured Bruce Wayne at the end, but instead of Keaton or Ben Affleck, it was played by George Clooney, who reprised the character from his 1997 movie, Batman & Robin.

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The Flash fails to impress at the box-office

The Flash' Review: Ezra Miller And Michael Keaton Make This A Classic
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Being one of the highly anticipated movies, The Flash landed in theaters worldwide on June 16. The movie traced the journey of Ezra Miller on his solo adventure as the Scarlet Speedster. With a budget of approximately $220 million, the film ranked sixth as one of the most costly movies ever produced by DC.

The movie’s budget is estimated to be $330 million, including a substantial marketing campaign. This budget surpasses previous DC Studios films like Wonder Woman 1984, which had a budget of $200 million. 

The film was supposed to be one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. However, the opening numbers speak a different story. The Flash, starring Miller, has disappointed with a $55 million opening weekend earning. Till now, the film has managed to collect $135 million worldwide with only $75 million coming from outside the United States. After such a weak start, the movie’s future is uncertain.

The Flash is available in theaters worldwide.

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