Will Smith was a teeny tiny nobody in the world of entertainment until the actor was cast in The Fresh prince of Bel-Air. The rest is history. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gave the career of Will Smith a major boost. He became a household phenomenon and gained a tremendous fanbase. Will Smith’s career never faltered after Bel-Air. He was at an all time high point in the world of show business when the Oscars Slap controversy brought him down. Chris Rock made a joke about his wife in the Oscars 2022 event and Will Smith walked up to stage and slapped him on a live televised event.

Bel-Air Reboot - Will Smith
Bel-Air Reboot – Will Smith

People in the industry were in uproar. The controversy may be many moons old but it refuses to die down. Will Smith lost many lucrative deals and projects after the oscars slap controversy. Now it looks like Bel-Air, the show that made Will Smith, has decided to call it quits. The Bel-Air reboot cast has ditched the OG Fresh Prince and walked the stage without him for a major NBC event.

Bel-Air: How Will Smith Helped Make The Reboot

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Will Smith
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

It was August 2020 when Peacock announced that they will be making a bel-Air reboot, with Will Smith and Morgan Cooper helping develop the series. There will be a whole new cast and a whole new genre bucket to explore. But the show’s premise looked promising. Will Smith personally helped choose the person who would succeed him as the character. Jabari Banks won Will Smith’s heart with his portrayal of the character in his Fresh Prince short on YouTube. Will Smith served as executive producer for the series. Despite facing initial resistance from longtime fans, the show did win over a lot of folks and is even expected to make a splash at the Emmys.

Bel-Air’s Cast Takes The Stage At NBC’s FYC Event Without Will Smith

Bel-Air Cast - NBC's FYC 2022 Event
Bel-Air Cast – NBC’s FYC 2022 Event

The second season of Bel-Air is all set to stream on Peacock’s digital streaming platform next year. But there have to be promotions and marketing for the upcoming season before it hits the platform. The cast of Bel-Air were invited to NBC’s FYC Event. Even the behind the scenes crew were spotted at the event. But unfortunately, a vital member of the Bel-Air crew was missing as will Smith could not be spotted with the cast members.

Adrian Holmes as Philip Banks in Bel-Air
Adrian Holmes as Philip Banks in Bel-Air

With talks of Bel-Air being up in the race for an Emmy, it would have been prudent for Will Smith to make an appearance. Maybe the show decided to do away with him this year in order to not attract unnecessary controversies. Will Smith is right now nothing short of kryptonite to major Hollywood projects. The world is still reeling from the after-effects of that infamous Oscars 2022 event. Will Smith had a bunch of projects lined up before the Oscars slap controversy took everything away. But bel-Air was supposed to be his safety net.

It was the show that made will Smith and in return, Will Smith gave it his all and made the Bel-Air franchise a global sensation. Fans are still torn over whether the Bel-Air cast and crew did right by not including Will Smith as an invitee. If you ask us, Will Smith deserved to be a part of the event.

Will Will Smith Ever Return To Hollywood?

Will Smith Oscars Slap Controversy - Bel-Air
Will Smith Oscars Slap Controversy

The actor was last reportedly spotted in India. Some claim he was there as part of a project he had signed up for. Others say he was taking a break from life with India helping him in his ‘healing’ journey. Recently, it came to light that Sony is moving forward wirth Bad Boys 4 and they hinted that Will Smith would most likely be in it. But the actor has already lost a couple of massive projects. Netflix has pressed the pause button on several of major Will Smith projects like Fast & Loose and Bright 2. With Bel-Air also seeing Will Smith as a pariah, his career may be about to hit a permanent dead-end.

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