The 41-year-old Star Trek actor revealed a very daring new appearance on June 30 in Los Angeles while filming his upcoming movie Poolman. Chris Pine can be seen with a full beard and long, shaggy blonde hair. The hair is tucked under a cream bucket hat in images taken on site.

The actor was wearing a striped shirt, grey slacks, and a bag while walking with one arm holding the bag and the other holding a camera and a pair of sunglasses.

Chris Pine In New Look

Chris Pine new look
Chris Pine

In these recent images, Chris Pine is hard to spot. On June 30, the actor was taking his directional debut in a new movie known as Poolman. Chris is co-starring in the film with Danny DeVito. He was also present at the location.

Chris originally grabbed attention with his new appearance in late February. He was photographed out and about in Los Angeles while getting ready for the part, wearing a bushy beard and ponytail.

What Is “Poolman” About?

Chris Pine sets up his directorial debut Poolman
Chris Pine’s directorial debut in Poolman.

Chris Pine will play Darren Barrenman in Poolman. According to a previous article by Deadline. He will be playing a role of a misguided dreamer and want to be a philosopher who spends his days maintaining the Tahitian Tiki apartment complex’s pool in sunny Los Angeles and attending city council meetings with his neighbors Jack and Diane.

In order to protect his beloved Los Angeles, Darren forms shaky alliances with a gorgeous and well-connected femme fatale. He then unearths the biggest water heist in LA history since Chinatown. Darren also pursues every lead he can find with dishonest city officials. He burned-out Hollywood types, and mysterious benefactors. Expect some amusing cameos and the addition of a supporting cast.

Chris Pine’s Career So Far

chris pine in star trek
Star Trek

Chris Pine has indeed been performing in films for over 15 years. He started his acting career in his mid-20s in a lead role. But it took him some time to develop as a performer. It turns out that Pine’s self-assurance and on-screen presence are best suited for mature roles.

He frequently excels with traditional, even square material, and his best roles have weight and lightness that evoke the no-fuss flexibility of a bygone matinee idol.

It will be fun to watch Chris Pine as a director. He is trying something new.

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