Celebrities make headlines one way or another. From their quirky fashion choices to their bizarre opinions on important matters, especially the ones who are not getting enough media attention try to make themselves stand out. While fans are used to singer Kanye West taking social media by storm because of his eccentric views, his current wife Bianca Censori has found new means to attract media attention.

Bianca Censori Makes Bold Fashion Statement

Bianca Censori (via Instagram)
Bianca Censori (via Instagram)

The fashion industry is harking to the era of high-waisted pants being back in fashion, but Bianca Censori seems to be taking another route altogether. On a recent date night with her rapper husband Kanye West, Censori was seen flaunting neon green see-through leggings that she wore well below her waist. According to The Mirror, the couple was spotted at Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles, which is known to be a family outlet. Nonetheless, that did not stop Censori from embracing her bold fashion choices.

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Kanye West via Jimmy Kimmel
Kanye West in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

If that wasn’t enough, Censori paired the leggings with a nude tube top that put her cleavage on display. Fans are claiming the outfit must be as uncomfortable as it looked since she was always either adjusting her top or straightening her leggings. While some claim it’s to show off her body that she works so hard for, others believe it is just another means to be the center of attention.

After the paparazzi images spread online, fans reacted to the fearless outfit with comments and jokes alike. The uproarious fashion pick may also be related to upstaging West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian and remain relevant in any way necessary. The power couple is trying to dominate the media space and always be in the public’s eyes. They are truly following the adage of being out of sight, out of mind. By pulling such stunts regularly, the couple will perhaps never be out of sight. Talk about taking publicity stunts to a whole new low.

Kanye West Teases Bianca Censori

Kanye West
Kanye West in Follow God

Other pictures and reports by The Mirror show Kanye West teasing his wife Censori and trying to yank her leggings down. The couple is seen flirting and laughing as the paparazzi take pictures of their outing. As opposed to Censori’s bright outfit, West is seen in a full black outfit covering all parts of his body. West playing with Censori’s outfit is captured on camera and further hints at the rapper trying to use his wife’s provocative outfits to make news.

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Moreover, this is not the first time Censori has chosen to wear such an outfit. Last week, she was seen in a sheer black bodysuit without any undergarments, accentuating her body. The former model’s look is not just a topic of discussion among the media and the masses, but also attracts her parents’ disapproval, often leaving them mortified of seeing their daughter in public.

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