Johnny Depp won the defamation trial against his ex-partner Amber Heard. But his personal issues are still bound to come in the way of his career. It all started with the domestic violence claim put forward by Heard back in 2018. This resulted in people calling the Edward Scissorhands actor a wife-beater. Because of that he finally filed a defamation case against her. Depp has denied abusing his ex-partner but there has been no official trial for the abuse claims.

According to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise producer, Jerry Bruckheimer Depp’s personal issues are overwhelming. Therefore as much as he would love to have him back in the role of Jack Sparrow, there is not much he can do. Moreover, the actor himself said that he was not going to return to Disney under any circumstance.

Jerry Bruckheimer Believes Johhny Depp’s Personal Issues Might be a Problem

Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry Bruckheimer

For around two years, Johnny Depp’s reputation as a wife-beater made the rounds all over the media and the public. It happened after his former partner Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in 2018. In it, she made claims about being a victim of domestic violence and sexual violence. Although the Aquaman actor did not accuse any specific person, the fingers were pointed at Depp ultimately. This finally resulted in The Tourist actor suing Heard in a defamation case. The case was won by Depp with a 10.35 Million dollar award as a compensatory amount for the damages.

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But since there has been no official trial about the “domestic abuse claim” by Heard, therefore Depp cannot be considered innocent. And as for his career, Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer thinks Depp will make it. The producer recently shared with Rolling Stone that,

“I think he will have a career but I don’t see him being redeemed, I think big-name people in Hollywood will steer clear of him.”

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Being a long-time friend of the Edward Scissorhands actor, Bruckheimer admitted that he wants the actor to play the role of Jack Sparrow. And he even praised Depp’s acting talent however he said,

” it’s unfortunate the personal lives creep into everything we do”

From the producer’s words, it seems that the actor’s personal issues are too overwhelming for the studios.

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How is the Actor’s Relationship With Disney?

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

After cutting ties with Johnny Depp following the wife-beater allegations, Disney once again reached out to the actor. And reportedly the studio offered Depp 300 million dollars to return as his famous character  Jack Sparrow. According to insider information, the studio has already drafted a new film on Jack Sparrow. Therefore they are hoping for the actor to take up his role once again.

But no matter what the amount, the Edward Scissorhands actor has already said that he will never be working with Disney again. He even called out the studio during the trial for marketing his character despite cutting ties with him previously.

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