Marvel’s Black Widow hit the theatres last week and within few days it has revealed some really crazy details and fans can’t help but notice them.
Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed through Black Widow that the Red Room defeated the Hydra way before Steve Rogers aka Captain America.
The comic fans are well aware of the history of the Marvel Universe and it is one that includes everything and everyone; gods and monsters, superheroes and secret societies. These “forces” have carried operations in staying in the shadows all the while in the twentieth century.
But then, Tony Stark announced himself as the Iron Man, they all have waged an open war.

In the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was revealed a truth about one such force that operated in shadows. Hydra; was founded by the Red Skull during the Second World War, had not actually been destroyed apparently, instead, it went on to transform it into what Arnim Zola referred to as a “Beautiful Paradise”; a cancer that grew within organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. over the years.

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Hydra always believed that the humanity could never be trusted with its own freedom but the war had taught them that freedom could never be taken.
As Zola observed, “Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly.”
But it looks like that Project Insight was not their first attempt every to take over the world and much before their try had been ruined by another secret society rival.

According to the Black Widow, before Hydra even began working on the Project Insight, they focused on the idea of controlling everyone’s minds by using a mixture of chemicals.
These experiments appeared to have been an outgrowth of the CIA’s secret project MKUltra and they were being conducted out at a secret laboratory in Ohio.
And by 1995, they had actually succeeded in finding a way to steal everyone of their freedom of will but fortunately for heroes and unfortunately for Hydra, they had been reckoned with a rival force.


The Red Room came to know about the Hydra’s experiments at the North Institute. And although the Red Rom had been founded under the Soviet Union, after its collapse General Dreykov had actually begun to transform it into his very own empire – and he saw all the potential the Hydra’s chemical magic had.
As a result, he had Red Guardian to infiltrate the North Institute, stealing all the Hydra’s discovery and burning the laboratories to the ground.

But, there is actually an irony to this; way before Steve Rogers as Captain America ever defeated Hydra, they were always being attacked by the rival secret societies.
And if it had not been for General Dreykov and the Red Room, Hydra would have probably conquered the world back in the 1990s.
And thank for goodness sake, Dreykov was never really as ambitious as Hydra because for all of his claims to the power, he also wanted to remain hidden in the shadows and so he was always wary of going way too far than he should be.

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And there is no doubt that he worked so hard in order to redirect the world’s development in the direction he wished to take it and he was always happy with working and controlling a handful of people and small number of operatives; Hydra would have comparatively preferred to dumb the chemicals in a water supply or something and would have so easily taken over the world.

And for decades, General Dreykov was always the lesser of the two evils; of course until Hydra was brought down by Captain America and he too became a prey to the Black Widow.

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