Kevin Hart is a well-known actor and comedian. After starting as a stand-up comedian, he transitioned into acting in Hollywood movies and on television. Hart has also released several popular comedy albums. He is popular for the American talk show Hart to Heart. The comedian has been in the spotlight after a friendly foot race with former NFL star Stevan Ridley.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

However, the race with the former Super Bowl champion led to a serious injury for Hart, who is currently wheeling around. He recently shared an update about his injury with fans. Ridley also spoke about his sprint against the comedian and blamed Tom Brady for putting Kevin Hart into a wheelchair.

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Tom Bardy gets blamed for putting Kevin Hart in a wheelchair

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is without a doubt, the greatest NFL player in history. He has guided his teams to a record-tying seven Super Bowl victories. Brady’s illustrious NFL career concluded at age 45, making him a testament to the sport’s longest-ever career longevity. However, the 46-year-old has been blamed for putting Kevin Hart into a wheelchair.

The comedian suffered a significant injury that was reportedly brought on by his decision to compete against Stevan Ridley in the 40-yard dash. He posted an update about his injury on social media.
Ridley, who was involved in the race, took to Instagram, to talk about Hart and how he is currently wheeling around. However, the former Super Bowl champion shifted the balm on Hardy.

The 34-year-old wrote, “I saw Tom Brady do it at your age, so I figured you had the juice too, big bro.” He further joked adding, “Blame it on Tom Brady.”

Brady played alongside the former Patriots running back for four seasons in New England. Ridley was selected in the 2011 NFL Draught and joined Brady in two Super Bowls, even though he was unable to participate due to injuries. It is natural for him to blame the retired seven-time Super Bowl champion, but surprisingly, the only person to blame is Kevin Hart.

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Kevin Hart provides an update on his injury

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has found himself bound to a wheelchair after his friendly foot race with former NFL star Stevan Ridley. The comedian jokingly urged those over 40 to honor their seniority as he accepted the fact of aging. He labeled himself the “dumbest man alive” and professed shock at his own decision to take on Ridley.

The 44-year-old challenged Ridley in race knowing the 10-year age difference they share. The race led to Hart seriously injuring himself and is currently in a wheelchair. The comedian, through his Instagram, shared an update about how serious his condition was.

He revealed that he tore his abdominal muscles and abductors while attempting to race Ridley. The 44-year-old confessed he also sustained some physical damage less visible to the general public.

The playful race between the comedian and the 34-year-old serves as a warning that life’s unpredictability might show up in amusing circumstances. The focus is on Kevin Hart’s healing process as he progresses through his wheelchair-bound phase and whether he will make a successful comeback to his funny self.

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Source: New York Post

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