The Dress was all the talk

Brie Larson starred on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. But the bright star took a different turn this week as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live to play the role of Jimmy Kimmel by becoming the guest host. Larson took the place of Kimmel ad interviewed her co-star from Just Mercy, Jamie Foxx. Her appearance was considered a big hit from everyone, but the real run of the show was her dress, which has become the talk of the internet. The dress received lots of love from both Larson and Kimmel fans as it went viral all over the internet.

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In one of her recent interviews with Variety, She was interviewed about when the filming of the Captain Marvel sequel would start. Larson replied, saying that she can’t confirm anything as nothing is decided yet.

The big Marvel star has no scoop

She continued saying that she is very excited about her job and knowing nothing about it makes it even more exciting. The lack of any knowledge about her job makes everything exciting in her life. brie larson

The journey of self-improvement and exploration


She has been only doing press tours, and the last half of the year, she has been focusing just on herself and anything outside her job. She continuously focuses on developing her career, especially and calls it her incubation time and self incubation. She adds on saying how she has been working a lot, and she is going to be 30 soon. She believes that she needs to change a lot of things around her and explore further into what other things are there for her. She believes that she needs to grow a lot of herself in the future.

Source: Foxnews, Comicbook




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