The life story of Britney Spears is known to many with the singer having strings of heartbreaks that led her to be bounded with a conservatorship that took away her personal space completely. Now that the pop star is free from the 13-year-long conservatorship which ended back in November previous year, reports back in 2021 shared that her father, Jamie Spears who was the conservator, received a loan of approximately $40K just before his daughter was placed under the conservatorship in 2008.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears at 2016 VMAs

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Jamie Spears Received $40K By Britney Spears Former Business Manager Tri Star

Jamie and Britney Spears
Britney Spears with her father Jamie Spears

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The 40-year-old singer Britney Spears after a string of unfortunate events was placed into conservatorship, a sort of legal guardianship, in which her personal life and finances were being controlled by the conservator, which in her case was her father, Jamie Spears. It was put on the singer back in 2008 with the singer facing mental health issues that probably began to surface after she got separated from her then-husband Kevin Federline and her two kids. For the unversed, the singer lost sole custody of her children which went to the former backup dancer.

According to the reports by The New York Times, the pop star’s father Jamie Spears received $40K as a loan from the firm of business manager Lou Taylor, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. He got the money around the time when the Toxic singer was hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric assessment.

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According to the reports, while the singer was in the hospital, her father petitioned a California court to take charge of the singer including her personal and professional life by implying that she was struggling with her mental health. The court assigned him as the conservator while the Tri-Star became the singer’s estate manager employed by her father.

Jamie Spears and Tri-Star Profited from Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

Britney Spears
American singer Britney Spears

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As per the reports from The Times, the pop star’s father received an estimated $6 million while her daughter was in conservatorship. Not only him but the company he employed to manage his daughter’s estate, Tri Star collected 5 percent of Toxic singer’s “adjusted gross entertainment revenue.

Britney Spears’s attorney Mathew Rosengart questioned her father and Tri Star about his client’s current net worth of only $60 million even though her music was dominating the charts with the singer getting bulky paychecks for the same. Though, both parties have denied the allegations of misappropriating a huge amount of money from the singer.

Source: PageSix

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