Britney Spears refused to get paid for sharing the story of what hell she had to go through during her conservatorship. She recently shared a 22-minute video detailing the ordeals and horrors that she had to deal with for 13 long years. Spears’ conservatorship under her father, Jamie Spears began in February 2008 and was terminated in November 2021 by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Despite being an adult, the conservatorship stripped the pop star of any sense of freedom, or control over her own decisions, be they professional or personal. The ludicrousness of it all still makes her wonder, “How the f— did they get away with it?”

Britney Spears with her Father, Jamie Spears
Britney Spears with her Father, Jamie Spears

Practically jailed for “playing chase with paparazzi”

Spears recalled quite vividly the beginning of her conservatorship. She said “I was 25 when it started. I was extremely young. I remember a lot of my friends texting me and calling me, extremely close, and they wanted to see me.”

The logic of it all eluded the Toxic singer, as she shared,

“I honestly still to this day don’t know what really I did, but the punishment of my father … I wasn’t able to, you know, see anyone or anything. You have to imagine none of it made sense to me.”

The night it all began is nothing short of a night of doom for the Princess of Pop. She detailed it during the video, saying:

“There was a SWAT team in my home, three helicopters. I remember my mom’s best friend, and my two girlfriends, we had a sleepover the night before. They held me down on a gurney. Again, none of it made sense. Literally the extent of my ‘madness’ was playing chase with paparazzi, which is still to this day one of the most fun things I ever did about being famous. I don’t know what was so harmful about that. I remember my mom was sitting on the couch, and she said, ‘We heard people are coming here today to talk to you. We should probably go to a hotel or something.’ I never really understood what she meant. I didn’t believe her. Like, is a lawyer coming here? Who is coming here? Four hours later, there were over 200 paparazzi outside my house video-taping me through a window of an ambulance, holding me down on a gurney.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears recalled all the horrors in detail

Spears also claimed that it was not a spur-of-the-moment decision on part of her parents but a well-thought-out plan,

“I know now it was all premeditated. A woman introduced the idea [of a conservatorship] to my dad, and my mom actually helped him follow through and made it all happen. It was all basically set up. There was no drugs in my system, no alcohol, nothing. It was pure abuse. And I haven’t even really shared half of it.”

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Jamie Spears “loved to control everything” Britney Spears did

Britney Spears especially spilled the beans on her father and his history of abuse, alleging that her father had always “loved to control everything I did” and that he “was really, really hard on [her brother] when he was younger, really abusive.”

The imbecility that Spears had to endure is clear by a statement she made during the video. She said, “You also have to understand, it was 15 years of touring and doing shows, and I’m 30 years old under my dad’s rules. All of this is going on and my mom’s witnessing this, and my brother is witnessing and my friends are witnessing, and they all go along with it”. 

Britney Spears
Britney Spears was blackmailed and sent to a facility for refusing to do a dance step

Spears then further recalled a particular dance rehearsal in 2017 where her reservations about performing a single dance step led to the singer being blackmailed by her father and sent to a facility. She said,

“I was supposed to do a new show … I went to the rehearsals and I said ‘no’ to a dancer. It was like, ‘No, can we do that? I don’t want to do this.’ I just remember everything got really weird … The next day, I was told that I had to be sent away to a facility and that I was supposed to say on my Instagram the reason why is because my dad is sick and I need treatment … I was crying, and I was like, ‘Why are you guys doing this?’” she recalled, saying that her dad threatened that if she didn’t go, she’d be taken to court for a big trial “you’re gonna lose.”

Spears’ frustration at being blackmailed and punished is evident when she says, “I was a machine. I was a f—ing machine,” Spears declared. “Not even human, almost. It was insane how hard I worked. And the one time I speak up and say no in the rehearsals, to a f—ing dance move, they got pissed.”

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Fans become family when family becomes foe

Spears fans have been with her through thick and thin, supporting her via the #FreeBritney movement and rallying for her freedom but the entire internet seems to be especially filled with an inexplicable rage and vitriol for Jamie Spears ever since Britney Spears released her 22-minute confession video.

All the fans hope that Jamie Spears and all the members of the Spears family who were either complicit with the man or chose to remain silent in the face of Britney Spears’ abuse are brought to justice at long last.

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Source: Billboard

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