Britney Spears is reportedly being urged to release an album by one of her closest friends, considering that she hasn’t done so since 2016. 

In fact, Spears’ manager and a longtime friend allegedly staged a career intervention for the singer during their recent trip to Mexico in an effort to convince her to pick up producing music again after her 13-year conservatory program was over. This year, will Britney Spears be releasing any new music? Or can we say, she will be compelled to do it?

We already know that the Gimme More singer was traveling to Mexico with her longtime friend and agent, Cade Hudson! The 41-year-old singer arrived at a private airport in Los Cabos, Mexico, via a private jet, and she appeared content to be with Hudson.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Apparently telling her she “cannot throw in the towel yet,” the Grammy-winning artist’s close friend and manager is reportedly trying his best to stage a “career intervention” for her in Mexico.

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Britney Spears In Mexico with Close Pal- Manager Amid Divorce Rumors

The 41-year-old pop diva and her close friend, Cade Hudson shared a lot of happy selfies and videos while on vacation, but a source claims that they also had much more serious conversations about Britney Spears’ future.

The source claims that Hudson, who has known Spears for years and has worked with her, is committed to seeing her “get back to what she loves to do.”

The 34-year-old former talent agent thinks that if the Toxic singer releases new music, she will “get back to herself.” According to the source who spoke to Daily Mail, Hudson genuinely just wants to see Spears get back to doing what she enjoys because she is a gifted artist.

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Britney Spears In Mexico with Close Pal- Manager Amid Divorce Rumors

The Criminal hitmaker spent time with her longtime friend on the plane, and as she posed for pictures and gave Hudson a bear hug, she exuded happiness and carefreeness. For the unlearned, these close friends have collaborated for over ten years now; and they have many fond memories together. 

In addition, he reportedly stood by her throughout her troubled conservatorship and also pushed back rumors that he was “brainwashing” her and supporting her father Jamie Spears.

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More About Her New Music 2023

Britney Spears allegedly received advice that she “cannot throw in the towel yet” in terms of her music career. According to the source, the 41-year-old singer has found her time with Cade Hudson to be incredibly restful and enlightening. She also said that she trusts him more than anyone else in the entire world. 

With the exception of a few collaborations, like Hold Me Closer, which she recorded with Elton John in 2021, Spears hasn’t released much new music in the past seven years. Aside from this success, she hasn’t put out a new album since Glory in 2016.

The singer claimed that for the majority of her 13-year conservatorship, she was forced to follow a rigid schedule that involved her “working seven days a week.” While her father Jamie Spears has served as her conservator for more than ten years and had control over her finances and medical care.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Fans of the pop princess have been demanding a new album ever since the conservatorship was finally terminated in November 2021; it now seems that her inner circle is pressuring her to resume her music production again.

Hudson continued to be one of the Womanizer singer’s few reliable confidants throughout her conservatorship. Sadly, the trip to Mexico has given rise to some unfavorable rumors about them, particularly given that Britney Spears is not donning her wedding band. 

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Source- Daily Mail

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