Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most polarizing comic book movies ever made. BVS is considered by many to be Zack Snyder’s Masterpiece while others called it an absolute abomination, here are some nifty little trinkets we are sure you guys never knew about this movie. Whether you like BVS or not, you will surely appreciate these facts!!

8 per cent Body Fat

bvs ben affleck body fat 8 per cent

10th Time Batman Makes an Appearance

bvs ben aflleck batman 10th

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Bale Was Jealous

bve ben affleck bale batman

Was Supposed To Be Made in 2001

bvs 2001 1

The Third Man Factor

bvs third man factor jonathan kent

The Iconic Dark Knight Returns Shot

bvs dark knight returns

Stephen Amell Was Rumored to Be in the Movie

bvs stephem amell green arrow

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Cavill is a Beast!!

bvs henry cavill workout

Warner Brothers Forbade Ben Affleck From Using Internet

bvs ben affleck wb studios

Size Matters

bvs ben affleck henry cavill size

Affleck Was Supposed to Direct, Not Snyder

bvs ben affleck original director man of steel dceu

Snyder Begged Hans Zimmer to Compose the Music

bvs snyder hans zimmer

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The Lord of the Rings Connection

bvs middle earth armitage bloom batman

The Bat Suit Is Way More Expensive Than You Think

bvs ben affleck suit 100000 dollars

Another Actor Was Supposed to Play Alfred

bvs timothy dalton alfred

The V in BVS

bvs V Latin

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