Charlie Sheen has been one of the most well liked and talented stars to rise in Hollywood in the recent past. His impeccable comic timing, beautiful smile, and charm have enthralled audiences in various films and TV shows. In the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, he gave one of his most memorable performances. The show remains one of the best things to come out of the American entertainment industry. However, not everything with the show and Charlie Sheen has been hunky-dory. Sheen reportedly battled addiction issues that derailed his career. He was forced to leave the popular and lucrative show midway. Another story is that the show’s ratings went downhill after his exit. Jon Cryer, Sheen’s co-star in the beloved show, reveals sad details about Sheen’s falling out with the show.

Jon Cryer Talks About Charlie Sheen’s Addiction and How It Ruined His Comic Timing

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer
Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer

During Sheen’s final season on the titular series, it became clear on set and behind the scenes that he wasn’t doing well.  According to Jon Cryer, Sheen’s timing and punchlines were starting to fall behind compared to what he was once capable of. Sheen was gaunt, pale, sallow, and occasionally sweating when we began our seventh season in September 2010. He began talking to himself. Most of all, he appeared slimmer, in a bad sense, Cryer told the Hollywood Reporter. He further said,

“His timing began to be wrong as well. He was dashing through lines. Charlie just wasn’t cracking jokes like he used to. During a practice to plan a scene’s movement, he said, May I just stand next to this couch? He was determined to keep it for the rest of the scene.”

Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen
Jon Cryer and Sheen

That was only the beginning of his downfall, as Cryer would later acknowledge that Sheen made poor decisions off-camera, particularly at the time. As the actor’s career deteriorated, Season 8 would be his final. He even recalls one of the strange incidents, saying,

“I got a knock on my trailer door one day during the first season of Two and a Half Men. It was Charlie—my camper was just next to him, and he looked terrified. He said, Dude! Dude! I need your help. Sure thing, I said, and I ended the cellphone call I was on. What’s going on? He handed me a large shopping bag and said, “Denise is coming over, and I need you to hide something for me.” He continued, “Oh, boy, I thought. If this is drug paraphernalia, is it legal? I asked. What? Yeah, oh, yeah. It’s legal. Hey, thanks.” He left, and I had to look.

Charlie Sheen was one of the top-notch actors of his time until his career took an ugly turn, and then he just got worse—from his drug addiction to his personal relationships, he became the target of every tabloid.

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Charlie Sheen’s last day on the sets of Two and a Half Men was a mess

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

There aren’t many people who can say they were there when Charlie Sheen had a nervous breakdown and relapsed on drugs and alcohol during the 2010–2011 television season. Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer was one of those caught up in Sheen’s troubles, and he once spoke out about Sheen’s erratic behavior during his final days on the show. The sitcom’s production was halted in early 2011, and Sheen was finally fired from the hit CBS series.

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Cryer addressed Sheen in a lengthy column for THR. At a January 2011 taping, Warner Bros, Bruce Rosenblum and Peter Roth wanted to meet with Sheen on the set to ensure he could still execute his work responsibilities. The showc was taping in front of a large studio audience, and supposedly, Sheen was terrible, missing all of his lines. Cryer claims Sheen eventually requested a minute and was able to absolutely nail every line during Round 2. But it would be the last time Cryer saw Sheen take a swing like that.

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Soon after his firing, the Wall Street actor rose to fame for his erratic conduct on social media and in interviews. Fortunately, the actor was able to get his life back on track, but by then, the CBS comedy had moved on, with Ashton Kutcher taking over as showrunner.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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