Denise Richards is very shocked after her vehicle was shot at during a road rage incident in Los Angeles, as per recent reports. The scary shooting incident took place on Monday when the 51-year-old actress along with her husband Aaron Phypers was driving to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles, where she was shooting for an upcoming project.

Denise Richards terrified after shooting incident
Denise Richards terrified after shooting incident

Reports say that the actress was riding in the passenger seat of their Ford F-150 Shelby pick-up truck while her husband was behind the wheel. After they both headed for the movie shoot in South Los Angeles, Aron Phypers started noticing that a golden and maroon-colored van was constantly following them.

Denise Richards and Aron Phypers Escaped Shooting Rampage in South LA

Denise Richards and Aron Phypers
Denise Richards and Aron Phypers

Denise Richards said that her husband kept making right turns because they were being followed and according to her, the guy was obviously pissed behind him. They also explained how they both were terrified over the situation. The actress continued to explain the situation by saying, “the van was on his tail, pushing him almost… they couldn’t figure it out.”

A source also added:

“She was very shaken up and terrified, but she was a trooper and she went and filmed the whole day, she didn’t want to not show up to work.”

After a while, the van pulled up to their left and her husband rolled down his window to confront the driver. During their conversation, a source reported that the man went off of them and claimed Aron Phypers “cut him off.”

Denise Richards Is Terrified After Being Involved in a Shooting Incident

Bond girl star Denise Richards with Charlie Sheen
Bond girl star Denise Richards with Charlie Sheen

After the confrontation, Aron Phypers apologized at the spot but the man continued to yell at them so he drove off. Shockingly, the couple soon realized that the man had shot the back of their truck.

“The guy was gone by then, but when they realized the car had been shot at, they were really freaked out and the production secured the scene, even though they were upset, [Richards] decided to stay and film. Her role was for one day only.”

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The couple heard some gunshots, and they watched the driver drive away to escape the scene. After they reached the studio, they spotted some holes made by a bullet in the back of their vehicle. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident.


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