Of course, the Suicide Squad is DC’s long-running gang of criminals tasked with carrying out U.S. government objectives while facing death. The reconstituted Masters of Evil are united as a heroic squad by a crazy Nazi in an attempt to rule the world in Marvel’s Thunderbolts. However, both have a lot in common. They’re both teams with continually fluctuating lineups of criminals and anti-heroes who take on challenges that other teams, such as the Justice League’s Avengers, either feel too morally wrong or are way too busy to worry about. Both teams also work in a more hidden manner than their heroic counterparts, putting their lives on the line in risky operations where no one is truly safe.

Marvel's Thunderbolts - Marvel Fans Fight Back as DC Fans Roast Thunderbolts Film
Marvel’s Thunderbolts

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Which team has the upper hand? Both the Suicide Squad and the Thunderbolts bring their own set of strengths and weaknesses to the table. Who wins the war between the cynical, the predatory, the naive, and the conniving? It varies greatly depending on the version of each team you examine. Even though the two have their own stories, there are fans who turn really toxic when talking about their favorite franchise and movies, Marvel and DC fans are no different. 

Suicide Squad Vs Thunderbolts

Suicide Squad - Marvel Fans Fight Back as DC Fans Roast Thunderbolts Film
Suicide Squad

Ruthlessness- The Suicide Squad is far funnier than any other DCEU film (only Shazam! comes close), but it is also far more daring in terms of violent action and dark themes. Most of the key characters’ deaths work so effectively because they are all presented as charismatic goofballs who then die in the most brutal manner when the viewers least expect it. It’s quite doubtful that any of Marvel’s impending PG-13 films will exceed that boundary. As a team, the Thunderbolts have always brought out a compassionate side in each other. (Thunderbolts – 0, Suicide Squad – 1)

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Strength –  Unlike Suicide Squad, Thunderbolts has the advantage of already having explored the members’ backgrounds. King Shark is without a doubt the Suicide Squad’s most powerful member. He’s a demigod, and his unbreakable physique and immense power should never be ignored. Even so, KS would lose against either Moonstone or Radioactive Man in a direct battle. He could win either battle, but both would have a significant edge due to their strength and intellect. (Thunderbolts – 1, Suicide Squad – 0)

Thunderbolts - Marvel Fans Fight Back as DC Fans Roast Thunderbolts Film

Leadership – Baron Zemo is a talented mad scientist and strategist, but his snobbery and lack of compassion keep him from reaching his full potential. His reluctance to put himself in another’s shoes is an Achilles heel that lost him everything in the original Thunderbolts iteration. He’s a genius, but he’s a lousy leader. Rick Flag, on the other side, instills whatever noble qualities he can on the Suicide Squad members. (Thunderbolts – 0, Suicide Squad – 1)

Teamwork – Both teams have trouble working together, however, the Thunderbolts have never eaten each other on a mission (thanks King Shark). Despite moments of impressive teamwork, the Suicide Squad never seems like a team due to their long history of discord and deadly backstabbing. Only the dead members of the Squad are oblivious that the others are planning to sacrifice them.  Although the Thunderbolts may not always act as a unit, they are successful inside the greater organization. (Thunderbolts – 1, Suicide Squad – 0) 

Intelligence –  The Suicide Squad brings a wide range of intelligence to bear on each situation. For example, Waller’s chess-playing techniques and Harley’s crazy inspiration. The Thunderbolts, on the other hand, have four enormous intellects on their roster. Zemo has the capacity to dominate the entire globe. Fixer’s engineering ability is on par with Tony Stark’s. Radioactive Man holds a doctorate in nuclear physics, which is an excellent fit for his abilities. Finally, Moonstone’s previous life as psychologist Karla Sofen equips her with a chilly yet valuable insight into human nature. (Thunderbolts – 1, Suicide Squad – 0)


It’s a no-brainer: Thunderbolts – 3 and Suicide Squad – 2. Even though Suicide Squad arrived first we cannot deny the fact that Thunderbolts has been in talks for a long time now. DC fans are highly criticizing Marvel’s Thunderbolts and are comparing it with Suicide Squad to a great extent.

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Marvel fans have been waiting for so long to witness Thunderbolts on screen and now that it is finally announced, DC admirers are roasting it at best and comparing it with Suicide Squad calling it Marvel’s take on Suicide Squad. And it’s pretty clear that there’s no way Marvel fans will take a good one from DC admirers without fighting back. 


We cannot really predict the success of the upcoming project and comparing either one is pretty wrong and senseless. The Suicide Squad’s greater leadership and ruthlessness may allow them to outsmart the Thunderbolts in an invasion, eliminating individual Thunderbolts as a squad. The Thunderbolts, on the other hand, will be able to coordinate their higher strength successfully in a team vs team combat.

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