Catching up with controversy seems like a daily dose for Chris Brown. The ultimate bad boy, who abused his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, is seemingly thrusting himself into the pit of speculations once again. During his recent concert in Berlin, the flamboyant singer called a fan on stage to perform his signature lap dance move. However, the fun moment soon turned grim after Brown threw her phone from the stage out of rage.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown lands in a controversy

The lucky gal getting the nice gesture from Chris Brown ended up being in this epic nightmare with the singer being enraged. No matter how gracefully Brown tossed the girl’s phone into the audience, it became a matter of controversy. 

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Chris Brown Enraged By A Fan, Throws Her Phone Away

Chris Brown was on his music tour, performing in Berlin on Wednesday. Surrounded by a couple of thousand people, the singer called a fan on stage from the nearby rows to present her with his signature lap dance. His infamous lap dance became viral when Brown resumed performing them on his Under The Influence tour. However, the fun moment didn’t last long for the lucky fan since things took a surprising turn. 

Chris Brown
Chris Brown throws a fan’s phone

Going by the stage name of Breezy, the singer was seen performing his 2007 hit, Take You Down while giving a lap dance to the lucky party. That’s when his fan took her phone out in an attempt to record this once-in-a-lifetime moment in her life. Just then, Brown was seen gracefully snatching the fan’s phone and hurling it into the audience.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown’s Instagram story

Although she retrieved her phone later from the audience, the moment became controversial. Addressing the incident, Breezy added an Instagram story captioning “F*ck dat phone”. 

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Chris Brown Breaks The Internet With His Action

It is believed, after the recent Berlin concert incident, that Chris Brown cannot accept ignorance or negligence. Brown was supposedly enraged by the fan’s gesture of recording the moment rather than enjoying it and therefore, failing to accept her lack of attention, he threw her phone away. But surprisingly he isn’t the only star who tossed a fan’s phone into the audience. Despite being among several other artists who did the same, Breezy seems to be constantly making headlines for his actions. 

Chris Brown
Chris Brown breaks the internet

The unamused singer who threw his fan’s phone, ultimately making his fan annoyed by his behavior, is trending on Twitter. After his video went viral, fans and netizens gathered on Twitter to post their opinions. 

Few fans have been constantly defending Brown while others simply share their outbursts stating how difficult it is to defend Brown, especially because of his eccentric behavior. 

Few fans almost agree with Breezy and share how people are always on their phones. But ultimately point out that Brown’s action was not appropriate.

Although fans keep adding their opinions on Twitter and other social platforms, Chris Brown clearly doesn’t care. Despite his past wrongdoings and constantly keeping himself in the limelight of controversy, the singer wants people to appreciate his work and respect him. 

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