Sometimes, dodging a role is the best thing that can happen to an actor. Just ask Glen Powell! Starring in upcoming Blockbuster films and being Hollywood’s literal heartthrob, Powell’s success is quite phenomenal. However, the actor almost traded in his cowboy hat for a lightsaber with a near-miss on a major Star Wars role. 

Debbie Lesko and Chris Evans
Debbie Lesko and Chris Evans at the Office of Debbie Lesko | Wikimedia

Imagine a parallel universe where Powell, and not Chris Evans, wields Captain America’s shield. Thankfully for Marvel fans, Powell blew his audition, which led to Evans being cast as the beloved character (that he is!). Reflecting on numerous close calls, from narrowly being cast as one of the leads in Star Wars, every miss was a preparation for this hit. 

From Almost Han Solo to Hollywood Hero: Glen Powell’s Near-Miss Magic

American actor Glen Powell arrives on the red carpet for the global celebration of the film "Hidden Figures"
American actor Glen Powell at global celebration of the film “Hidden Figures” | Wikimedia/Bill Ingalls

Glen Powell’s career has had near-misses turn into the ultimate hits. As Hollywood’s new “It Guy,” he’s now working with Leonardo DiCaprio and other big celebs. 

In a conversation with GQ, the Jr. American actor opened up about how, “by a slim margin,” he lost out on Josh Hartnett’s role in Oppenheimer. But the parts in the big-budget series that he thought he blew were Han Solo and Captain America. The actor said, 

I can joke about it now [but] I blew that final audition.

Alden Ehrenreich was cast in the role of Solo, while Chris Evans—who is now well-associated with the character—was cast as Captain America. He discussed another story about how his role-researching efforts didn’t really go as planned.

I auditioned for Cowboys & Aliens, to play Harrison Ford’s son. I was like, I’ve gotta be Ben Foster. Then I get to the audition the next day and I look at the sign-in sheet. The guy before me is Ben Foster!

Further in the conversation, he talked about his early Hollywood career, where he would see other actors (like Pedro Pascal and Austin Butler) auditioning for the same roles as him. According to Powell, the irony of the business environment is that one has to be so aggressive, yet one has no control over the outcome. He laughed: 

I have to be comfortable with saying, ‘I did my best, it wasn’t meant to be.

While the Hidden Figures actor may not have gotten the best roles this year, he still has projects like Hit Man and Captain Planet mapped out for the near future. 

Fans Rejoice: Glen Powell’s Audition Mishaps Bless Marvel Universe with Chris Evans 

Chris Evans at a press conference for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in March 2014.
Chris Evans at a press conference for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in March 2014 | Wikimedia/Elen Nivrae

Whatever the situation may be with Powell’s audition mishap, fans are oh-so-excited that Chris Evans will only be cast for Captain America. As fans rejoice in the serendipitous twists of fate, Powell’s near misses have become blessings in disguise. 

But, like, what’s next for Glen Powell? The actor recently starred in movies like Top Gun: Maverick, Hit Man, and Anyone but You. What’s more, he’ll once again grace the big screen with the release of Twisters on July 19, 2024. Powell has also been cast for a lead role in a reboot of The Running Man and will return for another sequel in the form of Top Gun: A Legendary Hero.

Effectively, Powell botched the Captain America audition so he could play Scott Summers. An absolute win in any book!

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