Soon after Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer was released last year, fans knew that this historical epic would sweep accolades this year. As expected, the film received critical acclaim and is still considered one of the best biographies adapted on the silver screen.

Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy

Following the triumphant success of the film, it has received almost 13 Oscar nods including a Best Actor Award nomination for Cillian Murphy. During a BFI screening of Christopher Nolan’s film, the Peaky Blinders star made it even more memorable by reminding us of the legendary group Rat Pack. Murphy donned a Rat Pack striped cardigan made by the brand You Must Create (YMC).

Cillian Murphy Wears a Rat Pack Cardigan: Brings Back The 1960 Style

The Rat Pack is considered one of the legendary groups in the entertainment industry, whose new take on engaging fans with creativity and distinct projects has always gained attention. To make sure that we remember that not only was it an iconic group but also an example of great fashion sense, Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy wore a navy and dark-blue striped Red Pack cardigan during a screening of his summer blockbuster.

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The Rat Pack group
The Rat Pack

The brand that created  Red Pack cardigans is YMC (You must create), and along with the one Murphy wore, they have launched various other colors on sale. The Free Fire star proved his incredible fashion sense by bringing the 1960s cool fashion back. Not only did Cillian Murphy bring back the iconic group’s style, but even Ryan Gosling was captured wearing it during the press run for his massive hit Barbie (via GQ).

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Along with Cillian Murphy’s expected win, fans are extremely hopeful of Christopher Nolan‘s win at the 77th British Academy Film Awards. Despite being one of the world’s finest filmmakers and crafting massive hits and super engaging projects, Nolan hasn’t received any Academy Awards yet. However, now that his latest film Oppenheimer is incredibly successful and commended, there are high expectations for his first Oscar win.

Cillian Murphy is Proud of Oppenheimer‘s Achievements

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer

Now that Cillian Murphy’s film is among the most nominated films in the history of Academy Awards and the British Academy Film Awards, the actor who played the titular role of the American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, has expressed gratitude and shared being “kind of overwhelmed” by the first Oscar nod.

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During an interview with Variety, Cillian Murphy talked about Oppenheimer and how proud he is that the film has gained immense recognition and commendation from both: critics and fans. He said:

“Words don’t really do it justice. I think the superlatives fail you at this point. I’m so truly honored and kind of overwhelmed. But most of all, proud of the movie, and proud that it has achieved so much. “

While explaining how incredible the feeling is after receiving the first Academy Award nomination, the Kensuke’s Kingdom star also mentioned that Oppenheimer exceeded everyone’s expectations. Cillian Murphy feels great when people come to him and reveal about watching his movie several times. It was “mind-blowing” for the entire team to witness the great achievements of his film.

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