Across the late 90s, early 2000s, and beyond, one trend that anime fans could always count on to raise the bar in terms of animation was their favorite long-running series. Some shows managed to retain their attractiveness even as time passed onward from when it was first introduced, such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. However, some might argue that this same quality doesn’t always apply to all anime series or at least not for very long. In fact, there have been instances where certain episodes failed to live up to high standards in terms of animation quality which may be regarded by anime aficionados as a huge letdown. With that being said, these are the 5 classic anime that fans claim have the laziest animation –


The original Pokémon series is easily one of the most iconic anime series of all time. In fact, its influence can still be seen in many forms of media, which is a testament to its staying power. There are certain aspects of the show though that stand as obvious weaknesses for any fan. The art style in particular has not aged well, especially Pikachu’s face which always seems to have this look on his face, not unlike a doll or an imposter rather than an actual living creature. This doesn’t work when he’s supposed to be one of the main characters, and because of that, it dethrones him from feeling realistic and instead gives him a fake appearance. At times it also slows down the pacing a bit too much and serves as another detriment to creating a realistic atmosphere where anything could happen (mostly because they were trying to save money).

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Classic Anime Pokemon
Classic Anime: Pokemon

Dragon Ball Super

The most notorious example of poor animation quality in a good show is the Dragon Ball Z film Battle of Gods when it was turned into an anime, Dragon Ball Super. During the battle scene between Goku and Beerus, it became apparent that the animators were trying to rush their schedules. For example, Goku appeared as if he just stepped out of someone’s sketchbook.

Classic Anime Dragon Ball Super
Classic Anime: Dragon Ball Super

Seven Deadly Sins

While Dragon Ball Super and Pokémon have been notorious for their increasingly poor animation quality, Seven Deadly Sins has been right there with the steadily declining quality of its animation again. The first couple of seasons of the series were fantastic and the fight scenes between their characters made excellent use of various body movements to invoke serious emotions among characters fighting for their lives against one another. However, as season 3 came around and Escanor was introduced on screen, his character design was so poorly crafted that we all collectively cringed both inside and out, especially during his final battle with Meliodas when some animations were so bad that they looked like something straight out of Dororo.

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Classic Anime Seven Deadly Sins
Classic Anime: Seven Deadly Sins


Where the original Berserk had been on hiatus since 1997 and left fans to watch what some people would describe as a series of OVAs, the decision was finally made to return the story back to television in 2016 where it was animated completely in CGI by studio Liden Films. While a lot of people were very excited about Berserk returning to television after so many years, others could not help but be disappointed at how dated the CGI looked when combined with traditional 2D animation.

Classic Anime Berserk
Classic Anime: Berserk


From the beginning of Overlord, it was hard not to be fascinated by its gorgeous animation. Many scenes were wonderfully done in a way that captured their more fantastical elements well and could easily have been adapted from print work to screen without disrupting the flow of the images themselves. But when Einz summons a team of goat demons dubbed “The Young Ones,” things got awkward in a hurry. The scene was meant to be unusually horrifying for Overlord viewers, but its subpar CGI performance distracted viewers from the horrifying events on-screen; had the same scene included skilled animators, this could potentially have been one of the best scenes of Overlord.

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Classic Anime Overload
Classic Anime: Overload

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