The trend of giving heroes superpowers in comic books often highlights their struggle as normal humans against even more powerful humans. But one of the most famous powers that can be shared across characters like Captain Marvel and Living Lightning is an energy form. Many people call them “beings of pure energy.” However, this effect is typically meant to mimic their achievement of peak physical and mental ability. But it also gives those characters the power to live forever as pure energy. That being said, these are the 5 comic book heroes who can live forever as pure energy –

Captain Marvel

Inspired by The Power of Love, an early-era cover story, Carol Danvers began to exhibit strange powers. She discovers that she had been subjected to energy bombardment by the Brood while on a mission in space, sending her electromagnetic waves off the charts and millions of electrical charges through her body. Ultimately, her new abilities manifested in two main ways: firstly, she had gained super strength; secondly, she could fly at supersonic speeds and be almost undetectable by radar.

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Marvel Comic book heroes
Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics

Black Lightning

The ongoing Future State teased some exclusive set-ups in regards to the Infinite Frontier’s relaunch. In issue #3, Black Lightning revealed his energy form as he spoke to The Signal about their future together as Gotham City’s dynamic duo for years to come. The details of the transformation are somewhat vague as of now. However, it was teased that a curse is responsible for binding them together as dark magic continues to plague Gotham’s streets.

DC Comic book heroes
Black Lightning in DC Comics

Living Lightning

Miguel Santos became super-powered after accidentally stumbling upon an extremist organization’s headquarters and turning on one of their devices. Now as Living Lightning, Miguel can unleash electric power in the form of energy bursts that are both effective in taking out enemies and look cool while doing so. He also wears a containment suit to help him retain his original human appearance.

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Marvel Comic book heroes
Living Lightning in Marvel Comics

The Flash

The Flash is generally referred to as DC’s speedster. At one point, he pushed new boundaries for his own imagination. It caused him to experience a vision of the future where he was told that he would disappear unless he got even faster. The only way to do this was by discovering what forces existed inside the Speed Force and learning how they influenced his superpowers.

DC Comic book heroes
The Flash in DC Comics

Clark Kent

In the 90s, Superman went through an odd transformation that included a weird containment suit and an energy form. His powers were, apparently, affected by the change and it was only when he changed to Clark Kent. The result of this altercation was his new containment suit to maintain cohesion. And it seems as though his energy form is somehow split into red and blue versions with their respective personalities.

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DC Comic book heroes
Clark Kent in DC Comics

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