The Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul battle is getting exciting turns each day. The duo have been engrossed in a social media feud for a long time. Before clashing in the ring, the boxers are involved in a verbal spat, and things take a turn as their battle gets ugly and personal. Danis has shocked social media users as he shows no remorse for dragging the 28-year-old’s personal life and his fiancée Nina Agdal’s name through the mud.

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis: Toxicity, trolling and personal jibes
Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

The ongoing spat is getting global traction. Notable MMA superstars like Conor McGregor have shown his involvement in the ring battle. The former UFC two-division champion claimed to be on Danis’ side and will be training him for his fight with Paul. Dillon Danis recently revealed that McGregor will be betting a good $250k on him to win against Paul. However, The Notorious is now in trouble of losing the bet after the MMA fighter dragged the opponent’s bride-to-be and humiliated her publicly.

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Conor McGregor bets $250k on Dillon Danis for his fight against Logan Paul

Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor
Dillon Danis with Conor McGregor

Dillon Danis has undeniably been a constant presence in the media spotlight for well over a month, capturing attention with his ongoing social media feud with Logan Paul. The boxer commented on Paul’s skills, and the latter challenged him for a ring fight. The highly anticipated clash Paul vs. Danis is set for Saturday, October 14, at Manchester Arena in England. The bout will take place on the same card as KSI vs. Tommy Fury.

Conor McGregor is expected to be present at the venue to corner his friend Danis. The duo have been training partners and friends for a long time. The Irishman is backing Danis in this fight and claims the MMA fighter will defeat Paul. Interestingly, the 30-year-old revealed the former UFC two-division champion will be betting on his victory. Happy Punch Promotions estimated the figure of the bet to be $250,000.

McGregor talked highly about his friend and that didn’t sit well with the 28-year-old. He challenged The Notorious to a $2 million wager and described the UFC superstar as an ordinary fighter. He further claimed to beat him after projecting a win against Danis. McGregor has yet to reply to Paul’s words.

However, he is on the verge of losing the $250k bet after Dillon Danis involved himself in a nasty online feud with Pual and dragged his soon-to-be wife. The internet is shocked by the recent claims made by Danis about Nina Agdal.

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Dillon Danis plays dirty by dragging Logan Paul’s fiancée into the fight

Nina Agdal Announces Engagement to Internet Personality Logan Paul
Logan Paul and Nina Agdal

The ongoing social media feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul has not seen its end. Things are taking an ugly turn as Danis is dragging Paul’s soon-to-be wife, Nina Agdal, into the fight. He feels no regret in attacking his opponent’s personal life. The MMA fighter had consistently poked fun at both Paul and Agdal in the past.

The 30-year-old has talked trashed about Nina Agdal and called her out to be wild. The MMA fighter has also shared various other posts on social media about Agdal to get back at the 28-year-old.

The 30-year-old further threatens he possesses several other embarrassing photos and videos of Agdal saying, “I wanna drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet.”

Despite their mutual decision to square off in the ring in October of this year, the two fighters have continued to disparage one another online. Now fans are eagerly waiting for their ring battle to see how Logan Paul takes revenge.

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