Of all the things that people are going through right now in this Corona virus pandemic, Celebrity Fashion posts and gossips should be of the least concern.

But in this time of isolation, we search for entertainment after fulfilling our basic needs.

When we turn our attention towards the new lifestyle of celebrities, it’s instead trending with Covid-19 awareness posts . Among this, some celebrities do something new that people find rather annoying.

Stars’ culture nowadays is trying to reciprocate harsh comments and condescending memes.

Celebrity gestures

David Geffen Reuters Instagram yacht
David Geffen isolates in a super-yacht.

One of the first people to get backlashed was Gal Gadot, who did a sing-along on John Lennon’s “imagine.”

It was meant to boost people’s morale. But it is annoying and irrelevant to the current situation to many people who viewed it on Instagram TV.

Then it was Madonna‘s turn to face the people’s wrath when she posted a picture of bathing in a rose petal filled milk bath. Her shared thoughts on the Coronavirus were “Covid-19 don’t care if you are rich and famous”.

Then David Geffen posted that he was self-isolating on a super-yacht. Pharrell Williams also got into this mess by posting for a funding campaign for Coronavirus front line workers.

People started to rebuke him that he should donate first, considering his estimated wealth.

This was a bit too harsh and unjust, seeing that he actually gave some funding before posting in the first place.

Why these adverse reactions?

Corona virus celebrities memes

In all the stories, we see that people don’t care what celebrities wear and who they date nowadays.

When on the one hand, celebrities consider the Isolation part as a bad thing; on the other hand, lower-class people are suffering from the economic crisis.

All these adverse reactions towards those celebrities’ gestures show the raising of awareness among people of wealth inequality. Even Covid-19 tests are hard to come by for Common Folk.

Celebrities cultures changing

britneyspears' changed song lyrics post
Britney Spears released the audio of “hit me baby one more time” with changed lyrics for COVID 19

People want them to act heroic or stay quiet. Even awareness videos were treated with many circulating memes like how they isolated themselves in luxurious mansions with pools, courtyards, and all.

Britney Spears somehow got some positiveness on her awareness activities on the social network.

Of course, these things will soon get forgotten when the pandemic is over, but can celebrities revert back on their culture?

Will they get focused on doing the right thing and not post annoying pictures and videos and stuff? We wait for what they are going to do to gain their reputation back.

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