Jennifer Lopez’s documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, written in her own words, arrived on Prime Video on February 27, exploring the singer’s journey to self-love. The film perfectly touches upon every significant aspect of JLo’s life, including a reflection on her teenage years, when she used to be a wild little girl.

Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me...Now
Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me…Now

Following it’s release, Jennifer Lopez’s fans poured all their love into the documentary, calling it a true story of a singer who has faced numerous challenges in her life. A clip that has enthusiasts and viewers meltdown includes a gym scene, in which the On the Floor hitmaker looks carefree with her hair down.

Jennifer Lopez’s Gym Girl Look in Her Documentary is Casting a Spell on Fans

Jennifer Lopez knows how to enchant her fans, as her gym girl look is capturing all the attention! The singer has released a documentary on Prime Video and her new album This Is Me…Now, which comes after two decades of its sister album This Is Me…Then. However, one of her looks in the documentary that cannot be ignored is when she lets her hair down, reflecting on her wild teenage moments.

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me…Now

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In her Instagram story (via Marca), JLo opened up about the gym look and expressed her fondness of letting her hair down like a crazy little girl. The look also sheds light on her teenage years in the Bronx, hitting nostalgia when the All I Have singer was carefree and full of energy. She wrote:

“I like taking my hair out like this. It reminds me when I was 16 in the Bronx, running up and down the block. Crazy little girl who used to f*****g be wild. No limits, all dreams and sh*t.”

After navigating through notable challenges, the documentary perfectly reveals how Jennifer Lopez found her love in the man she’s with now. The Greatest Love Story Never Told also features the singer’s husband Ben Affleck as they both talk in between the film to explain certain moments of their lives.

Jennifer Lopez Promised To Be Honest and Vulnerable than Ever Before

With the release of The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Jennifer Lopez depicted her journey of being a globally renowned superstar while at the same time possessing responsibilities and insecurities. While her new album tells the story of her marriage and love relationship with Ben Affleck, the documentary elaborates on her self-love journey.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

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In the documentary, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck also talk about a two-decade pause in their love relationship, after which the Gone Girl star asks his wife if she has forgiven him. The singer says:

“I think I was angry at you for a long time. But that heartbreak set both of us on a course to figuring ourselves out to being better people. I think I’ve forgiven you all the way.”

The Ain’t Your Mama singer expressed forgiveness and acknowledged growth in their relationship. The couple first ended in 2002 and split in 2004. However, 2021 was the year when Affleck and Lopez finally crossed paths again, rekindling their romance in the spring of 2021.

Watch The Greatest Love Story Never Told on Prime Video.

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