Billie Eilish’s What Was I Made For ensured that Barbie did not leave the Oscars 2024 empty-handed, securing the Best Original Song under her name. The 22-year-old singer achieved the triumphant success that Martin Scorsese couldn’t despite spending decades in the industry.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish in What Was I Made For

The Ocean Eyes hitmaker proved skills and talent knows no age, becoming the youngest artist in the history of Academy Awards to become a two-time winner. Following Billie Eilish’s win, it’s worth noting that despite spending years in the industry and reaching the age of 81, Martin Scorses clinched a lone Oscar.

The director has even teased retiring from the entertainment world after crafting some of the most successful and influential films. Whereas Eilish is making headlines by challenging the belief that only older and experienced artists can define talent.

Billie Eilish’s Historic Win Surpasses Martin Scorsese’s Decades-Long Experience

Now that Billie Eilish became the youngest two-time Oscar winner in history, fewer people would believe that success and recognition come with age and experience. Their story completely contrasts with Martin Scorsese, who has only received one Oscar despite spending decades in the industry. The 81-year-old director is known for his distinctive and unique approach to filmmaking, yet secured just one accolade.

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Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish has two Oscars, while Martin Scorses has only one

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Eilish’s What Was I Made For in Barbie played a crucial role in proving that expertise isn’t age-bound, and artist are honored based on their talents and skills, instead of the years they have spent working. The Happier Than Ever singer along with her brother Finneas O’Connell performed live at the 96th Academy Award.

Martin Scorsese has received a total of ten Best Director nominations so far and has only won a single accolade for The Departed in 2007. Though Scorsese is the most nominated director alive dethroning Steven Spielberg, his single win clarifies that with talent and hunger for victory, artists can achieve greater heights in a few years.

Martin Scorsese Keeps On Teasing Retirement: Reveals His Daughter

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese (Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube)

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Martin Scorsese’s daughter reveals that her father always says his next film will be the final one but ends up making another. Francesca says that despite the filmmaker teasing his retirement often, she doesn’t believe him. While talking about her TikTok videos with Scorsese, she also told Variety that:

“He’s always like, ‘I’m not doing this anymore. This is my last one. But then he has like 10 more things lined up and he goes on and does them.”

It’s been years since speculations about Martin Scorsese began as the director has often hinted at it, but since his daughter says she doesn’t believe the words anymore, that means the filmmaker might still not consider retiring.

This year, Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon was among the ten nominated films but had the toughest competition and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer was declared the winner.

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