Ever since the Golden Age of Comic Books (1938-1956), we have had some really incredible characters, be it heroes or villains. Moreover, be it superheroes or supervillains. Some of them are still around, causing havoc, and giving our heroes a hard time. Some really important villains could be from Marvel and DC Comics as they serve as the epitome of good comic book content. Right off the bat, you can instantly think of villains like Darkseid, Thanos, Galactus, Doctor Doom, Bane, Joker, and such. But the problem is, while we have had some iconic villains, there are some villains that are SO BAD that they should just give up! Check out these criminally bad supervillains who should just give up and retire. Check it out!

1. Captain Boomerang

DC Villain - Captain Boomerang (Member of Suicide Squad)
DC Villain – Captain Boomerang (Member of Suicide Squad)

Just like the name suggests, his major plots do involve a boomerang. Moreover, on one occasion, his character defied the norms of physics even by the comic books standard and turned himself into a boomerang. Yes, for real. But he gets worse. During Identity Crisis, he is past his prime and desperate for money. He becomes an assassin-for-hire and goes to kill Robin’s father, Jack Drake. Funnily enough, Drake shoots Boomerang. As of now, he is back with the Suicide Squad and doing what he does best – complaint.

2. Big Wheel

Supervillains that are so bad they should give up
Supervillains that are so bad they should give up

This is as boring and stupid as it gets. Jackson “Big Wheel” Weele is an insecure guy who hates being blackmailed. He then hires a guy to make him something with which he can crush his tormentor. Well, what does he get? He gets a big wheel that is equipped with guns. In a fight against Spider-Man, the latter just sets aside and wins. Unable to turn that quickly, he presumably drowns in the Hudson River. But later on, he comes back and he is as bad as he was. He once tried to assassinate Ghost Rider, but Rider assassinated him.

3. Rainbow Raider

Worst Supervillain Origin - Rainbow Raider
Worst Supervillain Origin – Rainbow Raider

His motivation for becoming a supervillain is that he is colourblind. YES. But don’t let his weak origin story fool you. His father made him a pair of glasses to help with his problems. However, he got superpowers like controlling other people’s emotions and taking away their colour at will. But did you know he almost defeat Batman once in Brave and Bold #194? But still, a tacky supervillain with nothing to look forward to.

4. Prism

Prism - Mutant Made of Glass
Prism – Mutant Made of Glass

This guy Robbie is specifically made of glass. He is a mutant who is made of glass, and this is where the problem lies. The problem is, other characters have easily overpowered him at times. He’s glass and he’ll shatter. His criminal career is extremely vague, and in X-Factor #10, Jean Grey smashed him into the walls. But she’s a top-tier mutant. After his comeback, he was beaten up by the Purifiers in X-Men: Messiah Complex.

5. Spellcheck

Supervillains that are so bad they should give up
Supervillains that are so bad they should give up

Imagine having a grammar nazi as your nemesis… This guy is just that! He appears in Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #18 and basically annoyed the hell out of Typeface. He keeps nudging him during his patrol. Well to such an extent that a few of the criminals end up running away. Typeface gets frustrated, ties him up with a note requesting Spider-Man to take him to jail. It is said that he is still in jail. Like…what?

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