We all agree it’s the jump scare moments in the horror movies that make it much better! As Alfred Hitchcock once said, “There is no terror in the bang. Only in the anticipation of it.” The silence builds up the jump scare and tension between the audience and the character. We all are scared as to what happens next!

Here are some of the scariest jump-scare moments that kept us at the edge of the seats!

the conjuring jump scares

1. The Conjuring – 2013

This jump scare will increase your anxiety to the next level! The Conjuring has become a cult classic and one particular jump scare scene will remain with us forever!

When Carolyn Perron is trapped in the basement, we can only see her when she lights a matchstick. Her matchstick burns out quickly. This scene has very little space to feel safe due to the lighting.  That’s when a pair of hands appear next to her face and the light goes off. The viewers as well as Carolyn feel the terror on their faces as to what is in the dark!

2. It Follows – 2015

This jump scare comes from the idea of a sexually transmitted curse taking on a human form. It has taken inspiration from quite a lot of classic horror films.

The terrifying aspect of the jump scare is that “it” is always on move. The “tall man” comes out of the hallway of one of the lead’s houses. This is one of the terrifying scenes and hints that a home intruder is scarier when you don’t try to hide!


3. Insidious – 2010

Insidious is one of the best horror movies! This particular jump scare is different than others. It starts with a normal conversation between three characters at the table. We often tend to ignore these scenes.

At this moment when we are not paying attention, the “demon” is crouched behind the characters. It is simple, yet does the job very well! This jump scare literally made many “jump.”


4. Final Destination – 2000

Back in the 2000s, being hit by a bus or car wasn’t much common. But this particular bus-related jump scare had the audience freak out in the cinemas. Terry Chaney was unexpectedly killed by a bus while walking the street. The “test screen” audience took pretty long to calm down after this jump scare for Final Destination.

The reaction was so scary that the filmmakers decided to add 40 seconds of footage that was in no way related to the movie’s plot. This scene made people look both ways every time they crossed a street.

5. Paranormal Activity 2 – 2010

The Paranormal Activity series has been regarded as one of the most successful franchises in horror history. The movies are low-budget filmmaking but they are fully packed with many scary moments. The later movies became much more ridiculous but this scene from Paranormal Activity 2 was very scary.

It was a good reminder to the audience that not all bad and scary things happen at night!

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