Batman has been a fan favorite for decades. The DC’s character has had several live-action as well as animated films and series in which different actors have taken up the role of the dark knight, the latest of which is Robert Pattinson in the 2022 live-action film, The Batman. But now caped crusader is making its way to Mexico.

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HBO Max Latin America to bring Mexican Batman to life in the new animated film

Aztec Batman
Aztec Batman

HBO Max Latin America is all set to make an original animated feature-length film rooted in Mexico. Ths plot will revolve around Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios (Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires). Warner Bros. Animation and DC are partnering up with Anima and Chatrone to bring the Mexican Batman to life. The exciting news was announced at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

The film will include elements of Mexican culture such as artworks and will be produced entirely in Mexico with the help of Mexican team members. Alejandro Díaz Barriga, a consultant who specializes in Mesoamerican studies and the ethnic history of Mexico and the Andean region, will be working closely with the creative to ensure adequate indigenous representation in the film.

Aztec Batman will be centered on Yohualli Coatl, a young Aztec Boy

Batman in DC Comics
Batman in DC Comics

The animated film will be directed by Juan Meza-León and produced by José C. García de Letona, Aaron D. Berger, Carina Schulze and Fernando De Fuentes. Sam Register and Tomás Yankelevich will be the executive producers. The plot of the film will center around Yohualli Coatl — a young Aztec boy who suffers misfortune during the Aztec Empire when Spanish Conquistadors kill his father and village chief Toltecatzin. To alert King Moctezuma and his high priest, Yoka, of impending peril, Yohualli flees to Tenochtitlan. In order to prepare for the Spanish invasion, defend Moctezuma’s temple, and exact revenge for his father’s passing, Yohualli trains with his tutor and aide Acatzin in the temple of Tzinacan, the bat god.

Fans react to the Aztec Batman film announcement

Robert Pattinson as Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

Once the news broke out, fans took to Twitter to express their excitement.

The film will surely be a treat to the Mexican fans of Batman and will make them feel seen.

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