Several characters in the DC comic book universe have the tendency to tell lies. Some of them are notorious for lying and tricking people for several reasons and yet succeed in their deception. It appears that both fanboys and supervillains alike can’t get enough of these types of characters because it makes for great entertainment. There’s no denying that some characters have made an impression on readers over time, whether positive or negative, we all know someone who has lied to us as well.

DC Heroes
DC Heroes

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DC’s characters have changed a lot since their inception. Sometimes these changes just reflect what society at the time wanted from its superheroes. Early on, it was impossible to imagine any could ever exist without an ethics code in place. But as times change the complexities of society must be reflected in those we admire from our DC superhero comics and graphic novels. That being said, these are the 5 DC heroes who are BIG FAT LIARS –


DC Heroes
Batman in DC Comics

Debuted in: Detective Comics #27

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is a masked vigilante who deterred crime with his modern technology and exceptional detective ability. Although this hero denied acquiring any financial perks from doing what he does, Batman was actually a playboy millionaire. Despite being constantly backed up by the authority figures in Gotham City, including Commissioner Gordon, who was much smarter than to buy his secrets and lies, he still often chose his own path of doing things just because he could. Not only did this type of behavior alienate him from others, but it also prevented any real true relationships from ever forming with anyone who happened to get too close along the way.

Green Lantern

DC Heroes
Green Lantern in DC Comics

Debuted in: All-America Comics #16

Many portrayed Green Lantern in DC Comics. Some of them were uncertain regarding their methods; such as Sinestro who used his role to gain control of Korugar for himself. Hal Jordan, on the other hand, was another controversial figure who actually turned on the Green Lantern Corps and almost destroyed them. A master of deception, Hal was no stranger to lying since it reached epic proportions – but only thanks to him nobody is going to die because of it.

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Black Canary

DC Heroes
Black Canary in DC Comics

Debuted in: Flash Comics no. 86

Black Canary has made a hobby out of lying. Her entire personality and character is based on the fact that espionage is her lifestyle. Black Canary is a go-to asset for collecting Intel on criminal organizations. A spy through and through, she isn’t one to be fully trusted because her allegiance can switch sides in the blink of an eye if it means doing what’s best for her own self-interests.


DC Heroes
Catwoman in DC Comics

Debuted in: Batman #1

Next on the list is Catwoman. She is one of the most controversial characters in the DC Universe. Often seen more as an antihero, Catwoman is nonetheless done some questionable things throughout her history to give people cause not to trust her. She is hell manipulative and tends to be pretty self-centered. Admittedly a complicated character, much like any other comic book character Catwoman has slipped up from time to time out of necessity rather than pure malice.

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James Gordon

DC Heroes
James Gordon in DC Comics

Debuted in: Detective Comics #27

Last on this list is James Gordon. Sometimes, when you’re trying to save the lives of your friends as well as everyone else in Gotham City, lying and cheating might just come with the territory. However, considering that Gordon isn’t really a superhero, one could argue that his lies are more grounded in day-to-day life than those of many other characters on this list.

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