While each fan must have their favorite Batman: The Animated Series episode, one of its legendary directors Kevin Altieri also talked about an episode in the animated show he’s most proud of.

Kevin Altieri’s favorite episode is Showdown

Among the most engaging and popular animated shows of all time is Batman: The Animated Series, which continues to captivate fans with its dark and compelling themes. However, when it comes to the most adored episodes, each enthusiast must have their own, similar to how Kevin Altieri is glad about Showdown, the 49th episode from season 2.

Batman: The Animated Series Director Kevin Altieri Reveals His Favorite Episode From The Show

One of the most influential and acclaimed animated series featuring the Caped Crusader debuted 32 years ago in 1992, and maintains the legacy to this date. Despite being promoted as a child-friendly show, fans were lucky enough to explore the gothic undertones and morally gray plots. Each episode of the series perfectly blended the maturity and passion of the titular hero, making it tough for fans to nominate their favorite episode.

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A scene in Showdown

However, despite that, legendary director Kevin Altieri was able to disclose the episode he’s most proud of while talking about the popularity of the animated series. According to ScreenRant, when Altieri was asked about his favorite part in Batman: The Animated Series, he said:

“I’m just really glad that people still love it. I think the episode I’m most proud of is ‘Showdown’… That one is nuts because I got to do all my favorites: ironclad airships, Gatling guns… And then we got Malcolm McDowell to voice the villain!”

Kevin Altieri’s response described the nostalgia and his experience working on his favorite elements in the 49th episode of season 2. The director also acknowledged the perfect casting of Malcolm McDowell as Arkady Duvall. The episode focused on older Jonah Hex hunting McDowell’s Arkady in the Old West.

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Tim Burton’s Batman Movie Played a Crucial Role in The Success of Batman: The Animated Series 

Michael Keaton as Batman
Michael Keaton as Batman

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Batman: The Animated Series is undeniably definitive with a huge fanbase, but little did you know that Tim Burton‘s 1989 Batman, featuring Michael Keaton as Gotham’s Dark Knight played a significant role in intensifying the craze for Batman projects. The iconic performances with a dark aesthetic and gothic atmosphere allowed fans to delve deeper into Batman’s story and understand the complexity of his character.

Also, Keaton modulating his voice for the dual identities of the Caped Crusader inspired Kevin Conroy to use a gravely and powerful voice for Batman, and a softer and mild voice for Bruce Wayne. Batman: The Animated Series built upon the mature narrative, indirectly presenting the dark theme while being safe for the younger audience. The show also included music similar to Danny Elfman’s original score in Burton’s Batman film. This way, the animated series’ visual aesthetics and music were inspired by Tim Burton’s successful films.

Batman: The Animated Series is available on Max.

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