The DCEU is guilty. It is guilty of giving us scenes and than making an about turn and doing things totally differently. Sometimes they were unexpected and sometimes they were avoidable. But almost all of those instances were damn near unpleasant.

Superman’s Sacrifice

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The Death of Superman was the most talked about comic book arc back in 1993. No one ever thought the Man of Steel of all people would fall. Failing sales and the apparent looming death of the comic book industry pushed DC Comics to publish this arc. Superman finally meets his match in the form of Doomsday – an unstoppable freak of nature immune to all forms of death. Not even Superman has what it takes to take this creature down unscathed. Superman dies a hero’s death and the entire comic book industry is left grieving.

In the DCEU, Superman dies just like he did in the comic book. But his death is temporary and very fleeting. The very next movie – Justice League, resurrects Superman. Killing off Superman is a big deal but making his death go in vain and have no lasting impact is an even bigger deal.

Steve Trevor’s Death

after his death in wonder woman we thought we had seen the last of steve trevor 1635958140
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Steve Trevor is more of a secondary character in the Wonder Woman franchise. He is very lovable and adorable but in the end, he is still human. While his death did not leave the whole world mourning, it did make us cry when he blew into pieces with a smile on his face. Steve Trevor’s sacrifice was the most impactful act of kindness and love in the DCEU. In more ways than one, his death catapulted Wonder Woman into one of the most loved DCEU movies of all time.

But Patty Jenkins wanted more. The success of the first movie with its ensemble cast meant that there was a high probability Steve Trevor was going to be back in some form. And he did return to the age of Parachute Pants. But his return was probably what became the nail in the coffin. The DCEU needs to respect character arcs. Bringing back a dead character just because he or she is popular is not how you do things.

Weasel Is Alive

after his apparent death in the suicide squad we thought we had seen the last of weasel 1635958140
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Weasel was one of the most loved elements in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. When the movie began, Weasel was the first one to go though. And it was not a bullet or a missile that killed him. The half-dog, half rat, half-human or whatever creature ended up drowning because they didn’t know Weasel couldn’t swim. The Weasel Fan Club was pissed. They wanted Weasel back.

Then suddenly, right out of the blue, Weasel makes a return. In the mid credits sequence, the child eating carnivore of the sewers gets up, coughs up a lot of sea-water, and then runs into the jungle. Pretty anti-climactic if you ask us but the Weasel Fan Club lives on.

Billy Batson’s Real Mom

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It was Billy’s lifelong dream to find his biological mother, who he genuinely would want him back the moment she saw Billy. And then Billy Batson found out the truth. Billy expected a happy reunion but we found out his mom had abandoned him because she thought she wasn’t ready to be a mother. That truth didn’t just break Billy, it broke the entire theater that day.

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