Finally, after weeks of speculation and conflicting reports, Robert Pattinson was confirmed to be The Batman by several reputable outlets, most notably Forbes on Friday morning. The former twilight star turned Indie sensation and a Cannes darling, Robert Pattinson’s with his brooding looks and a strong jawline is all set to put on the cape and the cowl.

He had to beat out competition in the form of Nicholas Hoult to get the role. Interesting to note that just a couple of days after the news broke, DC began tweeting from its newly launched DC Batman Twitter account, getting everyone excited about what’s to come.

Pattinson does have that strong jawline
Robert Pattinson does have that strong jawline

The DC Batman Twitter Account Gets The Ball Rolling

Just to be clear, this isn’t an account for the new Matt Reeves’ movie The Batman, though that is sure to arrive later. This account is taking a much broader approach, covering Batman and Batman-related news through all areas of pop culture.

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Image shared by DC's Batman account
Image shared by DC’s Batman account

The bio of the DC Batman Twitter account reads that:

“Wherever you know him from- movies, TV shows, video games or comics- Batman is proof that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero.”

You’ll notice that the account itself was actually created back in January, but it has flown under the radar until dropping its first tweet late Sunday night. This often happens with accounts for movies, TV shows and other properties so that studios can get the handles early but just hold on to them for some time.

What Did The DC Batman Account Tweet About?

The very first tweet from DC’s Batman account had everybody expecting some kind of official announcement regarding Robert Pattinson’s recent casting (it has so far only been confirmed via trade outlets but Warner Bros and DC have yet to publish a statement) The tweet simply read:

“Did somebody light the Bat-Signal?”

Just right after that, the account shared an image featuring several popular iterations of Batman across various forms of media, celebrating the character’s 80th anniversary. The tweet says that:

“80 years of mystery, 80 years of action. 80 years of Batman.”

So if you want to get more tidbits about the movie or if you want to know Batman better, it’s better to follow this account.

The Batman is slated to hit theatres on June 25, 2021

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