Deadpool, a super fictional character of the Marvel’s Comics has always received great love from the true sci-fi fans. Deadpool’s character represents him in two different lights. One which fights the enemies aggressively and the other which is known for his splendid humor. 

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The Birthday Wish

Deadpool was first featured in 1991’s “The New Mutants.” 2016’s Deadpool movie was a big blockbuster published by Marvel Studios. Ryan Reynolds has beautifully played the role of Deadpool. The Deadpool in a hilarious manner tweeted and wished The Golden Girls‘ Betty White her 96th Birthday. 

The Birthday Wish Post

What could be deciphered from the Birthday post is a lovely message of Deadpool admiring Betty White photo frame while sipping a Martini and munching on a hot dog. The overwhelming tweet broke the internet and went viral. 

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The Deadpool embraced the idea of Vodka and hot dogs coming from Betty White. A great Birthday wish took everyone by surprise, and the ritual of the annual celebration of Betty’s Birthday hence continues. 

Source: ComicBook

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