Denzel Washington is one of the few Hollywood stars who shines brightly on the big screen yet prefers to avoid the relentless glare of media scrutiny. His resume is filled with outstanding movies. His movies have kept us delighted for years. From action-packed thrillers like Unstoppable and Safe House to classics like Training Day, Washington’s creativity is limitless.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

No matter how talented an actor you are, sometimes it can be difficult to play a character and shoot in a different geographical location. Even the great Denzel Washington had a difficult time after traveling to Europe to film the final installment of his $383 million action franchise.

Antoine Fuqua wished to see Denzel Washington’s character in a European setting

Denzel Washington is back in action as Robert McCall in the latest installment of the action-packed Equalizer franchise. This time, McCall is on the beautiful Italian shore, living an apparently happy but idle life. This film is Washington’s third collaboration with director Antoine Fuqua.

The Equalizer film trilogy, which started in 2014, has become synonymous with high action and amazing fight scenes. Washington’s performance as Robert McCall has become legendary. Denzel Washington’s portrayal of McCall, with his captivating one-liners and tireless physical strength, has become famous. McCall will open in a vulnerable position, which is a change from his typical character. The decision to slow down McCall was taken so that it allows him to reflect on his moral conflicts. This slow pace will also help him understand the impact of his violent actions.

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Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

When asked about the urge to outdo oneself, Antoine Fuqua agreed that, while there is always a desire to outdo oneself, the action is driven by the character’s emotions and experiences. The third film will have a twist. The movie’s change in scenery and occasional breaks from action is supposed to be charming. Fuqua confirmed that this film concludes the trilogy and the addition of Italy was motivated by a wish to portray Washington’s character in a European setting.

The new location of The Equalizer came with its difficulties

Denzel Washington is one of the most stylish actors in the Hollywood industry. The man can wear any hat, and his fedora-wearing appearance is everyone’s favorite. However, it appears that the outstanding actor had challenges while shooting in Italy. They had to go with the pace of the location, which meant they had to put down their California hats and embrace the surroundings.

The film’s one-of-a-kind setting in a lovely Italian village is supposed to give a touch of beauty and tranquillity to the high-action plot. Antoine Fuqua discussed the difficulties and joys of filming in Italy. Fuqua said,

The language and the locations are, you know, difficult to do. You know, once we got the rhythm. We had to put our California hats down and slow down and go at their pace.

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Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

The Equalizer 3 will be released in theaters on September 1. Fans are growing more excited as the date approaches. The director’s promise of a high-action film with a twist in McCall’s character is what has fans excited. Only time will tell whether the new setting and twist in character will be a hit or a miss.

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