A cloud of controversy hangs over the production as anticipation grows for the much-awaited finale to Denzel Washington’s amazing journey in The Equalizer trilogy. The last episode, which was meant to enthrall viewers once again, has taken an unexpected turn as it struggles with legal action.

The Equalizer 3 lawsuit
The Equalizer 3

The complex relationships between the entertainment business and real-world professionals have come under scrutiny as a result of allegations of unjust treatment against a police consultant engaged in the production of the movie. In the middle of the excitement around Denzel Washington’s legendary performance, this legal dispute highlights crucial discussions about moral teamwork and the need for directors to maintain authenticity in their stories.

Controversy Shadows Denzel Washington’s Final Equalizer 3 

The Equalizer 3 movie
The Equalizer 3

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After a five-year wait, The Equalizer 3, a highly awaited film, has almost arrived. The movie’s director, Antoine Fuqua, is, nevertheless, the target of a lawsuit brought by an accused associate called Paul Lozada. Four of Fuqua’s previous movies had Lozada as a police consultant. He asserted that despite his contributions to The Equalizer 3, neither he nor his work were acknowledged or compensated. Paul Lozada claims in his case, which was submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court, that the action movie starring Denzel Washington benefited greatly from his knowledge. He provided details about European organized crime, weaponry, and fighting techniques, all of which improved the film’s realism. Lozada claims he informed Fuqua of this knowledge as the director asked him.

Lozada claimed many of his ideas shaped the film, but Fuqua denied involvement when he sought credit and payment. In emails, Fuqua stated the film’s concepts weren’t related to Lozada and intended to assist him. The lawsuit includes text exchanges. Fuqua mentioned COVID-19 halting production’s first week, incurring a $1 million loss. Sony Pictures and Fuqua are yet to comment on the allegations. The Equalizer 3 still releases this weekend starring another incredible star Dakota Fanning, despite the lawsuit. Shot in Italy in late 2022-early 2023, the film’s progress aligns with the lawsuit’s course through the LA Superior Court.

Denzel Washington Reunited With Co-Star After 20 Years

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington reunited
Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington

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After working together in 2004’s Man on Fire, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning reunite in The Equalizer 3, marking an almost two-decade-long break. Their on-set chemistry has remained the same throughout the years, according to the film’s director, Antoine Fuqua while talking with People. Fuqua claimed that Washington, who is now 68, has a “fatherly, mentor relationship” with Fanning, who is 29. Washington was first impressed by Fanning because of her youth, but as she becomes older, it’s clear that she’s grown up, and this fascinates Washington in particular.

Washington returns as Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3, a former government assassin turned watchful defender. In a tiny Italian hamlet, Fanning’s Emma, a talented CIA analyst, helps McCall fight the mafia. In his reflections on staging the reunion, Fuqua emphasized the obvious chemistry and respect between Washington and Fanning throughout the rehearsals. He found it fascinating to observe their friendship and mutual affection.

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The Equalizer 3 Will be in theaters Friday.

Source: Hollywood Reporter 

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