In the industry of Hollywood blockbusters, choices that determine the course of a film franchise frequently stay wrapped in glitter and glamour. One such mysterious sequence of events was the well-known actor Will Smith and his connection to the I Am Legend series. Will Smith’s propensity to leave the franchise prompted questions when the dust cleared following the phenomenal success of the franchise’s first feature.

Actor Will Smith
Will Smith

He then decided to continue, as if his decision had been made for a single cause. A unique look at the complex dynamics of artistic decisions, financial concerns, and the power of storytelling in determining the course of cinematic endeavors is provided by this fascinating fall through the actor’s change of heart.

The Evolution of Will Smith’s Stance on I Am Legend Franchise

Will smith in next I am legend
I Am Legend Movie

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One constant has been none other than Will Smith himself ever since the idea for I Am Legend 2 made its way into discussions. The actor is once again involved with the franchise after playing Dr. Robert Neville in the first movie. But at one point, Smith disclosed that he had thought about stepping away from the I Am Legend series. However, after hearing the most recent scenario concept for the sequel, his viewpoint changed. Smith admitted that despite his initial intention to withdraw, the pitch’s interesting narrative ended up being the key element that brought him back for the sequel:

“The idea came up. I can’t talk about it yet. But it’s a really, really cool concept and [Michael B. Jordan] was a part of creating the idea. It was one of those I was gonna leave alone, and then I head the idea. But that might work, I think we can do that.”

The first installment of I Am Legend, which was influenced by Richard Matheson’s well-known novel from the 20th century, debuted in 2007. This film’s adaptation not only faithfully captured the spirit of the original work, but it also won praise from critics and was a commercially successful production, earning over $585 million at the box office globally. Notably, the movie cemented Will Smith’s reputation as one of the top blockbuster actors, adding to his resume of acclaimed parts.

Will Smith’s Playful Joke Once Got a Hilarious Response from Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie and Will Smith promoting suicide squad
Margot Robbie and Will Smith

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Previously, renowned Hollywood figures engaged in a trending comedic practice, publicly ribbing each other. James Corden‘s Drop The Mic on his BBC show saw celebrities engaging in rap battles, spawning a separate program due to its popularity, featuring stars like Anne Hathaway and Kevin Hart. Margot Robbie and Will Smith followed suit in an episode, participating in a BBC Radio 1 game where they playfully insulted each other while promoting Suicide Squad. During this exchange, Robbie humorously suggested Smith’s ears could be Wi-Fi antennas, sparking banter that included age, appearance, and even a playful joke about Smith’s relationship with her mother:

“The only reason that you’re saying that is ’cause you know I slept with your mother”.

But Robbie didn’t hold back and replied:

“She didn’t even bother to call you back. She thought your nickname was Big Willy but turns out she felt so misled by that nickname”.

Robbie escalated the teasing by critiquing Will’s outfit, comparing it to his “Getting Jiggy With It” attire. Will jokingly acknowledged the Egyptian inspiration. Margot playfully likened him to a less hot version of Obama, prompting hosts’ concern. Despite the tension, Smith managed to compose “mmm-mmm” responses, defusing the situation humorously.

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