Remember Chris Hemsworth aka Thor’s one of the most iconic jokes in Thor: Ragnarok? Well, we’re talking about the scene in which the Grandmaster forced Thor to fight with his fellow Hulk in the gladiatorial games. And what might come as a surprise to many is to know the creator behind that iconic joke.

Chris Hemsworth

If you’re thinking that it was the incredible army of writers who crafted that joke, then you’re mistaken! It’s surprising to know that the idea of Thor’s one of the most iconic jokes came from a kid who was visiting the sets of the movie.

An Unlikely Source Delivered Chris Hemsworth’s Iconic Joke in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok movie
Thor: Ragnarok

The 2017 Thor: Ragnarok is indisputably one of the best movies of Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he delivered quite notable and interesting jokes in the movie which still makes enthusiasts laugh. However, what’s more intriguing is the source behind one of Hemsworth’s memorable jokes while he was forced to fight with Hulk in the gladiatorial games.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, author Joanna Robinson who co-wrote a book titled MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios with other writers discussed MCU and stories that still captivates her. Robinson recalled:

“One of my favorite stories is, there’s this line in “Ragnarok” where Thor sees the Hulk and says, “He’s a friend from work.” And apparently, that was the idea of a kid who was visiting a set, and they put it in the movie and every trailer. You never know where the next great idea is going to come from. That’s been one of Marvel’s key philosophies that have helped them succeed.”

The author explained that the famous joke came from a child who happened to be on the set while filming. Robinson discussed how great ideas in the MCU come from unexpected sources and turn out to be one of the most iconic moments in superhero films.

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Critics Have Noticed a Decline in Marvel’s Quality

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In the same interview, Robinson was asked about the decline in the quality of Marvel as it expanded its output with Disney+ which aims to showcase numerous movies each year. The interviewer mentioned the recent strain in the quality of production in Marvel which has been often pointed out by the critics, to which the author explains:

“Bob Iger was responsible for the Disney+ launch and the idea that Marvel would not just make two or three movies a year, but now also make all of these shows, and that’s sort of when the wheels started to come off.”

While explaining that it was Bob Iger who came up with the idea to launch Disney+ as a streamer, she added:

“Bob Iger leaves, Bob Chapek comes in, and then Iger comes back and Iger is like, let’s turn off some of these taps. We’re gonna make less, we’re gonna make fewer sequels and we’re going to concentrate on making them great. Which is exactly what I want Marvel to do.”

Joanna Robinson revealed the leadership changes between Bob Iger who first left his position to Bob Chapek, who came back again and suggested producing fewer movies and TV shows to maintain quality and focus on what’s good for the viewers to watch.

However, despite the changes made by Iger, Robinson claimed that this approach indeed helped Marvel to secure its quality through fewer movies and shows in a year as the CEO believed that making fewer movies with quality is better than flooding fans with a steady stream.

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