Chloe Zhao’s Eternals has created a lot of buzz since the time it has released. The movie has given birth to many questions and theories. And, it looks like MCU will have to answer them in future films to make sense. One of the questions the movie raised is related to a scene from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. Remember in one of the scenes Doctor Strange viewed over 14 million possible future outcomes out of which the Avengers could defeat Thanos in just one? Well, many fans believe that Doctor Strange knew about the Celestial Emergence and was somewhat involved in delaying the phenomenon. Let’s see what the theory says. Check it out!

Was Doctor Strange aware about the Emergence and delayed it as a part of his plan?
Was Doctor Strange aware of the Emergence and delayed it as a part of his plan?

Did Doctor Strange Know Of The Emergence And Delayed It Deliberately?

Doctor Strange viewing 14 million possible future outcomes in Avengers: Infinity War
Doctor Strange viewing 14 million possible future outcomes in Avengers: Infinity War

The movie Eternals established a lot about MCU’s cosmic past. The movie successfully shows the birth of the universe and the post-blip world. Along with building a lot for the franchise, the movie has created some gaps with its events that the MCU must fill in the future. What is Emergence? Emergence is when a new celestial being is birthed but at the same time, the universe is destroyed during the process. So, fans believe Doctor Strange knew about this and deliberately delayed it.

It is said that the Emergence was very close to occurring and the entire population would’ve been wiped out. However, due to Thanos’ snap, this secret plan between Ajak and Ikaris ended up being postponed. This is where the theory pops in. Fans believe that out of the 14+ million future outcomes that Doctor Strange saw, he might have seen Avengers defeating Thanos in more than one. But he didn’t let them know because it was a part of his plan to let Thanos win and delay the Emergence.

So, did Thanos' snap save the Earth?
So, did Thanos’ snap save the Earth?

Now that Thanos was the victor, his snap wiped out half the population. Because of this, Earth didn’t have enough energy to birth Tiamut. Hence, the plan had to wait. If Doctor Strange would have let Avengers win over Thanos, Thanos wouldn’t have snapped. This means there was no way they could stop the Emergence. If Emergence would’ve happened, the Earth’s Eternals would have never found out the truth. So, it does make sense that letting the Avengers lose in almost all the outcomes and delaying the Emergence was Doctor Strange’s plan!

Was That The “Only Way”  To Defeat Thanos? Why Would Doctor Strange Do This?

Was Doctor Strange's plan correct?
Was Doctor Strange’s plan correct?

Well, until the Eternals movie we thought the only way Avengers could win over Thanos was the one we saw in the past movies. But with the reveal of the Celestial’s plan, it is possible that when Doctor Strange meant beating Thanos, it also meant victory over delaying the Emergence and giving the Celestials a chance to stop it.

It looks like Doctor Strange’s plan worked in favor of the whole universe and the Celestials. We don’t know if he’ll ever reveal the idea and truth behind it. What are your thoughts about it? Comment below!

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