We can say Eternals was a much-anticipated movie. The makers hyped up the audience to a crazy extent. Why won’t the audience be excited about the movie? The makers claimed this movie would change MCU’s future. Moreover, this was a team of 11 members. The cast of the movie was top-notch. And, not to forget, Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao was directing the movie! Zhao is famous for her directing style. So, naturally, all of us were excited to watch the masterpiece- Eternals. However, upon release, the movie didn’t receive the love we all thought it would. The critics gave it an average rating and the movie divided the fans. Some loved it, some didn’t. But, one thing is for sure, the post-credit scene stirred everybody up! We hear Blade stopping Dane Whitman from touching the sword. Why? Here’s a theory that explains it. Check it out!

Eternals' post-credits scene
Eternals’ post-credits scene

This Eternals Theory Reveals Why Dane Whitman Was Stopped By Blade In The Post-Credits Scene

Dane Whitman was hesitant to open the box and was interrupted by Blade's voice
Dane Whitman was hesitant to open the box and was interrupted by Blade’s voice

In the post-credit scene of Eternals, we saw Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) was hesitant to open up a box in his office at the Natural History Museum. When he did, he saw a sword in it. As soon as he opens the box, he was flooded with uncanny voices of people. Just when he was about to pick the sword up, he was interrupted by a voice. It was Blade (played by Mahershala Ali) warning him about the dangers of doing so. He said, Sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?

But why do you think Blade stopped Dane Whitman to touch the sword? This theory believes it is because of the sword’s history (of which Dane is unaware).

About The Sword

The Ebony Blade in the movie Eternals
The Ebony Blade in the movie Eternals

The sword that we see in the movie’s post-credits scene is called the Ebony Blade in the comics. This isn’t a normal sword. It has got history to it.

In the comics, the Ebony Blade is one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. It was forged by wizard Merlin. The blade was such that it could cut through anything with ease. However, it was cursed. The wielder of the Ebony Blade would slowly be corrupted by it. Not just this, but it’ll lure them after violence and deaths.

Blade Sensed The Danger

You see how the material that is coated is following Dane Whitman's touch?
Do you see how the material that is coated is following Dane Whitman’s touch?

Blade (played by Mahershala Ali) was aware of the fact that the sword is cursed. Maybe that is why he warned Whitman before he could wield it. In the scene, we saw how the material that coated the blade followed Whitman’s touch as if it was latching onto him! So thirsty to claim the wielder. In the comics, the Ebony Blade is a symbiotic weapon that amplifies its strength and the one holding it from feeding onto the wielder’s impurities. However, the ones who do not have control over themselves could easily be overpowered by the weapon and drawn into the darkness of violence and death. But it is still unknown how MCU will portray the sword in the movies and how much it’ll take from the comics!

The inscription inside the box
The inscription inside the box

Remember, inside the box, it was inscribed Death is my reward? This could mean, that the sword led the wielder to such a path, that the only reward he wished was for “death”. Only death could free him from the cursed sword. Another explanation for this is, that maybe the wielder celebrated the fact that the sword had the ability to kill anyone easily, hence, winning over the enemies.

But whatever the explanation is behind it, the fact is that the sword affects the wielder. But how will it affect Dane Whitman? For that, we will have to wait! But so far, it is evident that Blade might help educate Whitman about the sword, the curse, and how to control its power.

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