The charismatic and comedic character that has to be popular, Star-Lord, came to be with Chris Pratt’s phenomenal portrayal. As many recognize the actor for filling out the character of a leaned-back jokester who gets serious from time to time. The best examples of this would be his roles in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy‘, ‘Onwards‘ and ‘The Lego Movie‘.

Therefore, when the idea of a character sheet that Chris Pratt has built comes to the papers of playing Superman, naturally many rejected the casting decision. He tried out for Superman Returns back in the mid-2000s, and while he didn’t land the role, some fans wonder what may have happened if Brandon Routh hadn’t landed the cape.

Chris Pratt is best when it comes to being the leaned back, comedic character

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

The actor has an amazing charisma which is channeled in all of his roles. His personality blends organically into all of his performances, and it works for the better. However, not a lot would agree with the comedic star playing the role of a noble do-gooder such as Superman. It would just feel too unnatural to see the actor playing someone who is clearly not a suitable role considering his past roles.

Artist and filmmaker, The Imaginative Hobbyist, took it upon himself to put Chris Pratt’s visage on Brandon Routh’s hair and outfit in the 2006 movie.

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The mere idea of casting Chris Pratt as Superman was a flop

Superman as supervillain
DC’s Superman in comics

Superman is the leader of the Justice League in the comics on multiple occasions. He is frequently portrayed as having a noble nature, making it challenging to identify any obvious weaknesses in him. He is patient, generous, and selfless. He is also resolute, with a clear sense of right and wrong and the capacity to make quick decisions under pressure. This is what the actors who play the role in films try to capture when filling their roles.

Therefore, the casting decisions such as Christopher Reeves, Tyler Hoechlin, and Henry Cavill seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

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Henry Cavill for Superman is still the best casting decision for the DCEU without a doubt


Henry Cavill’s body is more resemblant of the Superman seen in DC comics. Superman consistently appears to be donning a costume that is too small for him. The actor is physically fit and convincing as a person with superhuman power. He portrays a self-assured Clark, his position on the Planet is established, and there is a hint of a more upbeat tone. Man Of Steel did an amazing job of a contemporary portrayal of Superman.

Nevertheless, the portrayal that Henry Cavill brought to the character is unmatched as it seemed to be near-perfect, and to cast someone like Chris Pratt after him would be a change not everyone would appreciate.

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