It is understandable when few directors have a bad day at the office and miss the mark when it comes to some of their movies. But for certain directors, this would be an understatement. The fact that these directors were coming from the highest points, makes these movies more disappointing.

1. M. Night Shyamalan – The Sixth Sense and The Happening


M. Night Shyamalan is probably the most shocking example! He has made one of the best movies ever and as well as one of the worst ones ever. He has written as well as directed one of the greatest horror films ever aka The Sixth Sense, but almost all his films released after Signs have been considered as really bad ones by fans.

A Redditor eEborg00  pointed out saying that Shyamalan just got so addicted to people’s admiration for his surprise ended, that he has been chasing the same. But no matter how bad his movies have been, be it Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Happening, they have been quite successful. In fact,  Avatar: The Last Airbender, is one of his highest-grossing films!


2. Martin Cambell – Casino Royale and Green Lantern

Martin Campbell has a pretty impressive history and has a filmography full of some great actions movies and he was on the next level when he directed Casino Royale. That film is the highest-rated James Bond movie on IMDB and has some of the best action sequences of the century!

Redditor Marksman230591  is in awe of the director for his work with the James Bond film, but they also point out that, “5 years later, he made the hot garbage that is Green Lantern.” And for those who do not know, Martin Campbell also has directed Goldeneye aka the first Pierce Brosnan-led Bond film (and it was also his best). Bond fans are hoping that he directs the next one too.

3. Francis Ford Coppola – The Godfather and Jack

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Everyone loves Francis Ford Coppola! He is one of the most celebrated American directors for all outstanding work back in the 1970s. The director was doing everything he could to reinvent the way stories could be told. The same can be seen in his movies, be it The Conversation, the Godfather series, or even Apocalypse Now.

Redditor ClankSinatra slyly reminded people that Coppola has made both, The Godfather and Jack. The movie Jack was a bit weird choice for the director. The film is a family movie about a man who is aging four times much faster than normal people. It’s a bizarre film which itself doesn’t know if it’s a kid film or a drama film.

4. The Wachowskis – The Matrix and Jupiter Ascending


In their defense, the Wachowskis are actually cursed because no matter what they make, it will always be compared to The Matrix, since it was such a big film at that time. The sisters have directed some really good films, but also a few bad ones when compared to The Matrix.

But there is one particular film, that definitely deserves the criticism it gets. Redditor Timidhobgoblin reminds us that even though the sisters directed the Matrix, they also made Jupiter Ascending which was probably the weirdest sci-fi film of the 2010s. The Redditor continues saying that it was a downfall they can’t wrap around their head.

5. Tom McCarthy – Spotlight and The Cobbler

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Most of the directors usually make a really good film first and then end up making a bad one. This is because the bad movie usually ends their career. But things are the opposite when it comes to Tom McCarthy’s career.

Redditor Maxmontgomery rightfully pointed out by saying, “McCarthy going from The Cobbler to Spotlight in the space of a year always stood out to me.” While Spotlight, an award-winning film is about the Boston Globe’s investigation of the scandal in the Catholic church, The Cobbler is an Adam Sandler comedy movie.

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