One of the most attractive aspects of disaster movies is the high-budget spectacle. These movies go on to get some great stars and amazing effects that actually give us nightmares.

Certain scenarios make us wonder how we would survive in those situations. But still, when there is a level of sorrow in the movies, we know the genre will be full of drama. Here are the disaster films which we all loved!

1. Independence Day – 1996

Will Smith – Independence Day

The movie is a throwback to ’50s alien invasions. It was a very genuine film of its time which made people wonder how would they react to an alien invasion.

The plot is about an alien race that is destroying major cities around the world with their advanced weapons. But the US President, a pilot, and a geek along with a group of ragtag survivors come together to come up with a plan to save mankind from this disaster.

2. Apollo 13 – 1995

Apollo 13 – Tom Hanks

This movie would attract you even if you have no interest in science or the space program. Ron Howard did his best to capture the wonder of space and all the mysteries. It is deep and committed towards the truth which makes this movie stand out among other disaster movies.

The plot revolves around astronauts Lovell, Swigert, and Haise of the Apollo 13 moon mission. The trio finds themselves stranded when their spacecraft gets damaged. Nasa tries to bring them. The movie deals well with the psychological effects the astronauts face and even what their families go through. Like many science-oriented films, this movie involves a lot of problem-solving. This further gets the viewers hooked to its story and the urgency for the same.

3. The Birds – 1963

Hitchcock – The Birds

This is a different kind of film on this list. This apocalyptic thriller comes from Hitchcock who uses a disaster scenario to add some character drama. The movie begins as a simple romantic comedy one.

Melanie is a rich socialite who goes with Mitch (a lawyer) to his home in Bodega Bay just to play a joke on him. But things take some weird turn when the birds of the area begin to attack all the people around. It is quite a unique concept and the thought of taking an ordinary animal and corrupting it with a horror touch can only be seen in Hitchcock films.

Thanks to the ambiguous ending, it certainly gives us a disaster genre vibe.

4. The Impossible – 2012

The Impossible

This film is based on a true natural disaster which just makes it more terrifying. The film is based on Maria, Henry and their three kids who are spending Christmas in Thailand. But their holiday trip becomes their worst decision every when a tsunami swells up and separated them. The tsunami was flawless and had scenes that involved terror too. The film also focuses on the aftermath of a disaster than the event itself.

5. Twister – 1996


Movie Twister is a different approach when it comes to disaster movies since the protagonists here actively pursue these disasters for the thrill. Nature is portrayed more like a fascination. The story focuses on a small town and gives a family vibe too.

The plot of the film is Ben, a storm chaser, and Jo, a meteorologist,  have to delay their divorce to battle a series of tornadoes that are destroying Oklahoma.

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