Hollywood actors, a part of the SAG-AFTRA, might be on strike but that hasn’t stopped movies from being shot. It was on Tuesday when a list of the movies that got the approval for continuing shooting was released. The studios of these movies have agreed with the SAG’s terms and aren’t part of the AMPTP, the well-known organization against which screen actors have been striking.

Among the prominent studios which got the approval to continue their shoot is A24. As a studio, they remain independent even after the big hits they have made including the smash hit, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

SAG-AFTRA Has Approved of The Shoots

Actress Christine Roberts Picketing In Front Of Bronson Studios
Actress Christine Roberts picketing in front of Bronson Studios

Regardless of the studio, the actors are required to get SAG approval for work on the screen. A24, along with the other studios which made the interim deal with the SAG, have the team working on specific projects. They would still need approval to work on the projects individually.

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SAG has been encouraging the actors to continue the work on such projects while they continue to prove that all requests of the union are completely reasonable. There are, in total, 39 projects which got the approval for continuing the shooting. These projects include Mother Mary, Flight Risk, The Chosen, and Death of a Unicorn starring Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega.

SAG-AFTRA Has One Studio on Their Side

A scene from A24's Ladybird
A scene from A24’s Ladybird

A24, as per reports, is the first studio that agreed to fulfill SAG-AFTRA demands. This is a huge victory for the union. As a small independent film studio that has produced acclaimed movies, including Lady Bird, Moonlight, etc.

A24’s willingness to fulfill the union’s demand is remarkable, and it hasn’t been overlooked by netizens, one of whom wrote in their tweet, “A small budget film studio can treat its actors and writers fairly, but Disney can’t? It’s all about greed.”

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While the hardball game continues between Disney, Warner Bros. and SAG-AFTRA, the labor union representing directors, screenwriters, actors, and other workers of television and film, it’s seen that A24 agreed upon all the demands of the union.

SAG-AFTRA Is Being Reasonable

Strike outside Disney Studios
Strike outside Disney Studios

Disney and Warner Bros. haven’t agreed on SAG-AFTRA’s demands. They argue that streaming releases aren’t as profitable as theatrical ones. So, paying actors the same rate for both release types will be financial disadvantage.

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In response, SAG-AFTRA said streaming is not becoming important. Actors must be paid fairly for work, irrespective of how their works get released. It’s also been pointed out that Warner Bros. and Disney make billions of dollars as part of the profit from just streaming. So, being unable to afford to pay actors fair wages is unreasonable.

Source: Washington Post

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