In a candid acknowledgment, Bob Iger the CEO of Disney has pointed out that Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are facing challenges to meet up with the viewer’s expectations. During this discussion, Iger spoke about the disappointing box office performance of the studio’s recent release. The CEO is also hinting towards a total overhaul in their film strategy.

Disney CEO Bob Iger
Disney CEO Bob Iger

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Disney and MCU Face Disappointment in the Box Office Results

The box office performance of many recent Disney and MCU releases has been very disappointing, surprising both fans and industry experts alike. Movies that were once supposed to be the most loved and awaited ones have fallen short to meet the expectations of both the fans and the producers, leading to speculation about the Studio’s cinematic endeavors.

Bob Iger at Disney Event
Bob Iger at Disney Event

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Even the most highly anticipated movie Ant-Man 3 didn’t meet the expectations of the fans and was not even able to make a collection of $500 million worldwide. Not only Ant-Man 3 other movies like Elemental and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny also reflected disappointing openings at the summer tentpoles. This trend has raised concerns among the company leaders as they rethink, their overall strategy.

Bob Iger Indicates Comprehensive Overhaul for Future Productions

While talking with the press Bog Iger pointed out the challenges that the company has been facing. Talking about the performance of recent Disney and Marvel releases, Iger stated “The performance of some of our recent films is definitely disappointing, and we don’t take that lightly. We are focused on improving the quality and performance of the films coming up.”

While talking to CNBC’s David Faber at the Sun Valley Conference, Bob Iger said that the studio’s increase in the number of shows on their Disney+ platform is one the major reason why the recent release has not performed very well.

Bog Iger with Avengers
Bog Iger with Avengers

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Taking the example of Marvel’s Bob Iger pointed out that the studio has never been on TV but in recent times they have increased their movie output along with a number of television series which has distracted the focus and attention of the viewers. “They had not been in the TV business at any significant level. Not only did they increase their movie output, but they ended up making a number of television series, and frankly, it diluted focus and attention. That is, I think, more of the cause than anything” Iger said.

Although to overcome this challenge Iger stated that the MCU needs more newness in its contents to re-strengthen its box office appeal. He also hinted towards the overhaul of the studio strategy by stating that there will be a lot of newness in Marvel in the next five years. He also said that the studio will be turning back to the Avengers franchises, but this time it will be a whole different set of Avengers.

Disney and Marvel have always shown their ability to adapt and evolve time and again and with the current situation of the company, fans accept nothing more than a new era of storytelling and innovation that will once again captivate the audience worldwide.

Source: Variety 

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