Disney+ is streaming on November 12. CEO Bob Iger mentions that they will be careful about privacy and piracy matters. Netflix has previously battled piracy issues. When Bob Iger was asked about the co-founder of Netflix Reed Hastings he said, “Piracy is obviously something we have to watch.”. Netflix product chief ( Greg Peters) made a statement during the streamer’s quarterly call in October.  He summarized that Netflix is looking for a consumer-friendly way to minimize the subscriber’s login details. This will cost Netflix more $1.5  billion annually. Iger is less concerned regarding password safety.

Iger’s statement to CNBC:

Iger's statement to CNBC
Bob Iger

CNBC asked Iger regarding the password and piracy concerns. Iger assured CNBC it will be similar to the other streaming devices. Disney+ is launching a family-friendly device. Example: families can stream in four devices together. Iger also said that they will use technology to keep a track of it and they will be mindful of it.

Netherlands testing:

Netherlands testing
Disney+ and it’s five brands

Disney’s fourth quarterly call was on Thursday. There Iger said Disney+ was proving to be a four-quadrant product with broad interest. Disney + was tested in the Netherlands. ‘Four stream feature’ of Disney+ was very popular during the testing.  Another observation is that the audience is interested in all the brands. The five main brands are Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Features of the streaming device:

Features of the streaming device
four simultaneous streaming device

The 4K and HDR movies are popular amongst the fans. Fans are excited about the feature of streaming four live shows. The personalization and the easy download i.e without ant restriction is the highlight feature. Disney+ received many positive feedbacks. Some of them are the elegance, ease of interface and quality of the video. Aside from the overall excitement and enthusiasm, they have also noted the number of users and what they watch using the streaming device. The demographics are better than expected. It is a four-quadrant product. It is streamed by kids adults and families.

Everyone is very eager to try the features of Disney+ when it launches.


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