Disney Star Bella Thorne has grown up into a beautiful woman now. Like so many celebrities, she celebrated the Halloween holiday by sharing pictures of her Halloween costume on social media, for her many fans to enjoy. At least that was the plan; however, one set of Halloween-themed photos Bella Thorne posted to social media has caught some controversy. Continue reading to know more about it.

Bella’s Fun Makeup Idea Turned Into A Controversy

Bella Thorne decided to have some fun with makeup this Halloween. She painted her face to mimic the look of someone who has been through a fight. a lot of people immediately misinterpreted the actress to be making a painful confession of abuse.

Take a look at Bella’s Instagram photos and decide for yourself whether or not there should be an uproar:

Bella Thorne's Instagram Picture For Halloween Look Ideas (Image-dailydot)
Bella Thorne’s Instagram Picture For Halloween Look Ideas (Image-dailydot)

She captioned the post saying people should hire her for Halloween makeup

As you see in the pictures, the makeup work was outstanding. Everyone who saw the post praised her for her makeup, but there seem to be other people who felt the look invoked disturbing associations to physical abuse of women.

“Need you here to help with my make up !” — xavierdolan

“My heart dropped… I immediately got angry that someone hit you. This is uhhh p fkn scary” –nicholasmegalis

“Just don’t use your fists to apply the makeup ?” –uldouz

Thorne did not publicly address the backlash or concern regarding her photos. She later shared photos of her actual  Girl Scout costume for Halloween.

Thorne’s Actual Halloween Costume

The makeup test was just Bella Thorne just playing around with her skills. Her actual costume was a “Sexy Girl Scout” with an even more playfully risque caption.

Bella Thorne's Costume For Halloween
Bella Thorne’s Costume For Halloween

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Source: comicbook, dailymail.co.uk

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