Neill Blomkamp adapted a short film about being oppressed which he made in 2006, called Alive in Joburg. Later, he dubbed it into a sprawling action-adventure full of big ideas. This film, District 9, was about alien species who crash-lands in South Africa and rights away from being oppressed but are considered non-human and also try to hide from everybody else. To buy time more time they kill the ones who find their identity.

District 9 - Sci Fi Masterpiece
District 9 – Sci Fi Masterpiece

District 9’s Plot: What Happens In The Film

Released in 2009, District 9 is a sci-fi adventure film set in South Africa and its apartheid era. ​Neill Blomkamp, the director of the film, eventually experiments with themes like xenophobia and segregation in a riveting film packed with intense action. Thanks to the $30 million budget and a viral campaign, the film became an unexpected success. Not just that, it earned over $200 million worldwide and in fact, got nominated for Best Picture in 2009.

It truly was one of 2009’s best films and is a must-see for every sci-fi lover.

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District 9 - An Engaging Plotline
District 9 – An Engaging Plotline

What Makes District 9 The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Of The Century

District 9 is a sci-fi film that’s extremely polished with some seriously convincing CGI. But what makes this movie the next level thing is how it never lets its audience off the hook. It has plenty of surprises and twists up its sleeve. Apparently, it leaves you angry and constantly questioning everything – similar to the classic Twilight Zone series. With some incredible action scenes that would kill for in other sci-fi classics like RoboCop, District 9 is one of only a handful of sci-fi flicks nominated for Best Picture of all time.

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The Movie Dares To Be Different
The Movie Dares To Be Different

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District 9 is undeniably original and a refresher from all of the remakes we’ve seen this past year. But it’s not only that – it is indeed the best sci-fi film the world has ever seen. The best part about the movie is that it was seldom made. Thankfully some supportive people gave Blomkamp and his vision the chance he deserved because it truly opened doors for him which don’t come along often. With that being said, there are more unique films like District 9 coming out soon, and in fact, District 10 as well.

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