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Even though Doctor Strange 2 is out in the theatres there is a lot of stuff we are still unknown about irrespective of whether we have watched the movie or not. This movie is not breaking the streak, every time you go read some article about it, you won’t be disappointed no matter how it is written. Yes, that’s the magic of our favorite Stephen Strange, who sends chills being the evil one and at the same time is loved by everyone for the talented being he is.

Undoubtedly, this flick has changed MCU forever after breaking the wall between the Multiverse. Even though it is full of surprises, some comic book fans must’ve been able to relate the Multiverse of Madness with the classic comic storyline “House of M,” written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Olivier Coipel. There are several instances that very well depict the story from the comic on-screen. Listed here are some of them.

Lost Children

Billy and Thomas Maximoff - Doctor Strange 2: Every Parallel To The "House Of M" Comics Storyline
Billy and Thomas Maximoff

One of the major elements of Multiverse of Madness was the absence of Wanda’s sons – Billy and Thomas Maximoff. As a result of her loss that occurred when the Westview Hex closed at the end of WandaVision, Maximoff tries each and everything to get her sons back. She even takes the path of sin and turns into a baddie immediately for her purpose. In the comic too, House of M narrates the same incident when Wanda is all depressed and crazy at the loss of her children who never existed in the first place.

Betrayal by a Friend

Stephen Strange -Doctor Strange 2: Every Parallel To The "House Of M" Comics Storyline
Stephen Strange

Doctor Strange 2 changes its course as soon as Wanda Maximoff turns toward her evil side. She betrays her fellow Avenger Doctor Strange to make up for her loss. Watching Wanda turn into a villain in the blink of an eye is way beyond shocking. Similarly, in the House of M storyline when Wanda’s friends were supposed to fight her for the good, not only the sorcerers of Kamer-Taj but all the Avengers together including the X-Men, couldn’t stand Wanda’s power.

Wanda with her Maximum Power

Wanda kills the Illuminati - Doctor Strange 2: Every Parallel To The "House Of M" Comics Storyline
Wanda kills the Illuminati

One cannot just overlook how powerful Wanda is in this new flick. Even though Wanda had always been so afraid of her powers, she proves to be the most powerful throughout the movie. Wanda slaughtering the Illuminati in one go and chasing America Chavez in the best possible way ver well speak for how powerful she is. She is so powerful that even Doctor Strange wasn’t able to stand her, hence proving her the strongest Avenger in the MCU. In the comic as well Scarlet Witch allegedly enjoyed supreme power. She had the ability to rewrite the entirety of reality itself, generating a completely different Universe.

Wanda is grief-stricken

Wanda with Vision
Wanda with Vision

Scarlet Witch has suffered more than most other MCU characters, leading her to conduct her heinous deeds in the most recent Doctor Strange film. Not only has she lost her parents and brother, but she has also had to bid adieu to her husband three times and her beloved children twice in the past few years. Wanda is entirely consumed by the sadness in “House of M,” which becomes her motivation for making the world a better place. She not only heals her sadness by establishing this parallel world, but she also heals the sorrow of some other heroes.

The Alternate Reality

America Chavez
America Chavez

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness focuses extensively on the multiverse, including various alternate worlds to the MCU that fans are familiar with. On their interdimensional journey, Strange and America Chavez encounter a variety of different realms, both utopian and dystopian. While “House of M” does not depict the multiverse, it does depict another universe created by the Scarlet Witch to fulfill her deepest desires.

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