The Amalgam Universe is a fusion of the DC and Marvel Universes. It’s superheroes are a combination of the two worlds. And the most powerful of them all is Doctor Strangefate, the combination of DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The Maker Of Amalgam

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Doctor Strangefate holds the power of DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange. As a result, he holds the power of a Lord of Order and and that of a Sorcerer Supreme’s. A man with such a kill-set should be regarded as a force to be reckoned with. Doctor Strangefate has many Godlike abilities. He was also responsible for creating the Amalgam Universe – a universe where prominent DC and Marvel characters have merged together to create all new fusion superheroes. The Universe was created by Doctor Strangefate, who used his magical energies to combine the essence of two already existing universes and create a new one. And he is ready to do anything to protect the world he created with such hardship.

Real Name – Charles Xavier

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The real name of Doctor Strangefate is Charles Xavier. despite being a fusion of Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate, he shares a name which is derived from another prominent Marvel character. Strange-Fate has the telepathic and strategic acumen of Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men. He also possesses the depth of knowledge in the arcane and mystical arts just like Doctor Strange does. He has access to a wealth of resources since both the Marvel characters have inherited a huge fortune. So he can be classified as an Omega Level Mutant with reality warping magical abilities. That is a dangerous combination indeed.

Voice-Induced Hypnotic Manipulation

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Doctor Strangefate possesses many powers. He can fly, produce and manipulate wind bursts. He has telekinesis and light projection. His other powers include telepathy, siphoning the powers of others, cosmic awareness, realty manipulation as well as invisibility and psychometry. But his most potent power is his ability to control people via speech. A power that is similar in nature to Purple man’s ability, Doctor Strangefate can use words to make people fall under his control and do as he says. He has even used this ability against powerful heroes like Skulk and Jade Nova to great effect. No one is immune to Doctor Strangefate’s voice hypnosis.

Became a Super-Villain

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The superhuman guardian in charge of keeping the DC and Marvel Universe separated from each other is known as access. Doctor Strangefate literally went against the guardian of two universes to create an illegal reality that went against all pre-existing rules set by the cradle of creation. When things did not go according to plan and Access tried taking down the Amalgam universe, Doctor Strangefate recruited several powerful Amalgam heroes to stop him. When all else failed, he even magically manipulated Doctor Strange of the Marvel Comic Book Universe to create magic enhanced portal gateway between the Marvel comic book and DC universes called cross-dimensional incursions to keep his Amalgam Universe alive. His actions put not one but three different universes at risk.

Lived Within Doctor Strange’s Psyche

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When Access got to know about Doctor Strangefate’s plans, he recruited the help of DC Universes’ greatest superhero – Batman, to put an end to this fiasco. Batman and Access worked together to put down the Amalgam Universe. In retribution, Doctor Strangefate hatched an ingenious plan to live and fight another day. He transferred his soul into Doctor Strange’s mind, living deep inside his psyche and waiting for the perfect moment to strike back. When the time was right, he fused the X-Men and the Justice League to create Amalgam guardians to carry out the next phase of his plans – recreate the Amalgam Universe.

Now Guards The Amalgam Universe In a Pocket Dimension

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When Doctor Strangefate led the X-Men-Justice League fusion heroes into battle against Access and the DC and Marvel heroes the latter had recruited to stop him, all hell broke loose. The battle rocked the cosmos and the entire Multi-Verse felt the aftershocks. In the end, Doctor Strangefate’s forces were defeated but at a terrible cost to the Multiverse. To ensure nothing of this sort ever happens again, Doctor Strange used magic to create a secret pocket dimension where the Amalgam Universe rests in peace. A version of Doctor Stranegfate now guards the Amalgam Universe from all forms of threats, including the Avengers and the Justice League. Pretty much a pyrrhic ending, don’t you think?!?

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