In the sports world, getting endorsement deals with big drink companies is a huge coup. But recently, fighters who’ve teamed up with the new drink, PRIME, seem to be having bad luck.

PRIME is a sports drink brand co-founded by Logan Paul and KSI, another YouTuber. Devin Haney, a young and talented boxer who recently joined forces with PRIME, lost to Ryan Garcia in the super lightweight fight on Saturday night at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Logan Paul and KSI holding their PRIME drinks (Image via DrinkPrime/X)
Logan Paul and KSI holding their PRIME drinks (Image via DrinkPrime/X)

And it’s not just him. Israel Adesanya, a UFC champion, also lost his title fight not long after signing with the same brand. Is there a PRIME curse, or is this just a coincidence?

Logan Paul PRIME Endorsements Bring Bad Luck to Rising Fighters

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney
Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney in the super lightweight fight at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. (Image via DAZN Boxing/YouTube)

PRIME deals can offer athletes big money, but do they bring bad luck too? Take Ryan Garcia’s fight against Devin Haney as an example. Garcia knocked Haney down three times and won the fight.

This happened right after The Dream signed with PRIME. For the same reason, Garcia took the opportunity to mock Logan Paul (one of the co-founders of PRIME) on social media.

But Haney is not the only one. Israel Adesanya also joined PRIME in 2023 and then lost a fight to Sean Strickland that same year. Both Adesanya and Haney were expected to win their fights.

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Adesanya had been undefeated for a long time as the middleweight champ, and Haney was considered a better boxer than Garcia. But after teaming up with PRIME, they both (including Erling Haaland and Alexander Volkanovski) had surprising losses.

It’s important to remember that upsets happen in every sport. While it’s certainly too early to definitively say PRIME is to blame for the recent losses, the timing has undoubtedly got people talking.

Athletes have specific routines to perform their best. So, maybe trying a new drink right before a big fight could have messed up their hydration and electrolyte levels — which are really important for their performance.

Know More About PRIME – The Rising Sports Drink Brand

PRIME Drinks
PRIME drinks

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen PRIME — the trendy sports drink. This sports drink brand has two main drinks. Prime Hydration is their caffeine-free option, which comes in 10 flavors.

Prime Energy is their caffeinated drink, packaged in cans and with 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving. It comes in seven flavors. Avery Zenker, a dietitian from EverFlex Fitness, said (via Forbes) Prime Hydration is more like a traditional sports drink with electrolytes and vitamins.

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On the other hand, Prime Energy is more of an energy drink because of its high caffeine content. The label on Prime Energy drinks states they’re not for kids under 18, people sensitive to caffeine, or pregnant or nursing women.

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