An ongoing saga of heated exchanges and confrontations has unfolded between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather since 2021. It all began when Jake Paul instigated a tumultuous incident at his brother’s pre-fight press conference with the undefeated boxing icon Mayweather. In that impulsive moment, little did Jake Paul anticipate the brawl would count a heavy cost on him.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Due to his seemingly impulsive action, the fallout has cast a shadow over Jake Paul’s security. Even Logan Paul, Jake’s own brother acknowledged the enduring impact of that fateful altercation.
Logan Paul asserts that Jake Paul still finds himself in need of protection from the formidable figure of Floyd Mayweather, years after their clash.

Paul Brother’s Safety is at Stake Amidst The Mayweather Feud

Dillon Danis
Logan Paul versus KSI

In a revealing interview, Logan Paul expressed the palpable fear surrounding his brother’s safety due to the tumultuous events involving Floyd Mayweather. Jake Paul‘s impulsive action with Floyd Mayweather took a tumultuous toll on Paul.
The gravity of the situation became palpable as Jake Paul previously got direct death threats from Floyd Mayweather multiple times.

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Logan Paul also claims Floyd Mayweather still wants to hurt Jake Paul for the audacious act of stealing his hat. Logan Paul disclosed that his brother now maintains a dedicated 24-hour security team, particularly when he goes to Miami.
Logan Paul shed light on Mayweather’s connections in Miami, suggesting that the repercussions for crossing him extend beyond mere threats.

Logan Paul told Graham Bensinger (via TMZ),

“Jake has not been without a security guard since that moment. What the f*** do we know about Miami, bro? Floyd knows Miami, he’s been around the block,’ claiming ‘he got goons who kill a man for $200.”

The tension between the two figures escalated last year, during a physical confrontation outside an arena in Miami where both were present for a Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers game. Logan Paul’s comment underscored that his brother is still at risk as Mayweather seems to have a lot of power and influence.

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Jake Paul’s Provocative Antics at Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Press Event

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather

The unforeseen debacle unfolded when Jake Paul seized the spotlight during a press event for the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul bout. Jake Paul made headlines around the world when he clashed with Floyd Mayweather at this event.
Jake Paul orchestrated a moment of chaos at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, causing Mayweather to lose his rage by snatching his hat.

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Jake Paul’s prank swiftly triggered a chaotic brawl between both fighters. Footage of the bust-up soon went viral and the chaos took a toll on Paul’s brother’s security. The incident not only disrupted the anticipated bout but also created a barrier between the brothers.
Logan Paul openly expressed his anger towards his younger brother for his impulsive act.

Logan Paul told Graham Bensinger,

“He told me he was gonna do it, I didn’t think he was gonna do it. He did it, and I felt like Jake had put me in jeopardy. He’s my little brother and I love him. He steals Floyd’s hat and a skirmish breaks out, but If I break my hand, or get a concussion or get f**** up by Floyd’s guys a month before the biggest moment of my life, trying to save my little brother’s a**, that’s stupid.”

Logan Paul also disclosed that he had been aware of his brother’s plan to provoke Mayweather. However, he harbored doubts about Jake’s willingness to follow through on his intentions.

Later, Jake Paul claimed that the entire episode was a calculated publicity stunt aimed at generating interest in the Mayweather vs Logan fight. Yet, the repercussions of his actions didn’t stop to reverberate.

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